• Get READY to
    -Learn, create, and collaborate anywhere, anytime
    -Develop digital literacy
    -Model digital citizenship
    -Improve your practice with the ISTE Standards for Educators and Standards for Students

  • tinyurl.com/pisdrolloutGet acquainted with a Chromebook and test your skills with this custom Deck Toys game! (Sign in with Google.)


  • Apps Launcher and ShelfThe small white circle in the lower left corner is the Apps Launcher. Here you can search for and install free apps such as Google Drive, a camera, the Dell Activity Light, and many more. The shelf is the bottom row of your Chromebook and is similar to a task bar. A Chromebook shelf is smart - if you pin an app to the shelf it will follow you when you sign in on any Chromebook.

  • InteractivityThe One2Web initiative will bring devices to all teachers and students in Plano ISD. We can leverage technology's potential to enrich and deepen the understanding of our students by creating an engaging, future ready learning environment. Using interactive tools such as Google Classroom, Formative, and Nearpod with a whole class is possible with One2Web.

  • Power UpImage of power button Your Chromebook may already be on. If not, the power switch is a soft button on the right side of the Chromebook.

  • Sign inYou will see a message about the Chromebook being managed. Click Next, then the PISD Network Login button. Log in with your user ID (do NOT add @pisd.edu or @mypisd.net) and your regular network password.

  • KeyboardNo caps lock? No function keys? No problem! A Chromebook keyboard is very different and our video tutorial will give you a quick introduction as well as guide you through the Apps Launcher.

  • ProductivityChromebooks contribute to your productivity and help you become more efficient and effective. Check email, access the Pinnacle gradebook, access H: and S: drive, Google Drive, digital resources, online textbooks, and any other online resource at any location with wifi.

  • WebdeskWebdesk is a portal to productivity tools, interactive applications, and much more. After signing in to various applications, Webdesk will remember each login and password and eliminates the need to sign in on subsequent visits. Find our Webdesk Quick Start Guide at http://tinyurl.com/webdeskpisd. Find Webdesk at http://webdesk.pisd.edu.

    Office 365 logo In Webdesk, open Office 365 to check Outlook email, view Outlook calendars, access Microsoft Suite tools, and more.

    Pinnacle gradebook icon In Webdesk, open PISD Pinnacle to access the gradebook. Students can access a view-only gradebook, too.

    Nearpod icon In Webdesk, open Nearpod to access a new, engaging tool to use with students. All PISD staff now have access to a pro account!

    My Files icon My Files is located in the bottom, center menu.This will give you access to your H: Drive, S: Drive, and Google Drive, too!