Phone: 469- 752- 4630


Degrees and Certifications:

Graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas Go Comets!! Bachelor's in Interdisciplinary Studies Certified EC-6 Generalist Certified ESL Certified 4-8 English/ Language Arts Currently working on Master's in Science Education

Ms. Tania Kamran


Hello Readers! My name is Ms. Kamran and I am your 6th grade English/ Language Arts Teacher this year. Nice to meet you (virtually)! I look forward to teaching you this year. I hope you are ready & excited to EXPAND your English language with me.


A little bit about me: This is my 4th year teaching at Armstrong M.S. I am 103 years old (my real age will be your GRADUATION GIFT from me, if you pass my class!). I was born in Pakistan (that's in Asia), but raised in Plano, Texas so I don't have "an accent", as everyone likes to point out to me! 


I am a hybrid- which means that my genes and family tree is made up of at least 5 different ethnicities. Come talk to me about my ancestry if you're interested! I speak English and Urdu fluently, and I can understand, read and write in Arabic. 


I love teaching; it has been my passion since I was in 3rd grade. I also love Science and Mathematics (in college I was considering being a Pediatrician or an Engineer as well). Teaching is in my blood- my mom and all my aunts are teachers as well, so here I am. I also love horses, cats, painting, swimming, badminton, tennis and archery. Food is also a passion of mine, so I love to cook and try new recipes too! 


I have only the HIGHEST standards for students in my class. I don't expect anything less than the best from them. I am here to encourage them to reach for higher goals than those they set for themselves. I expect my students to have the best manners and respect for me as their teacher and as an adult. I am here to guide and nurture them, so when they go out into the real world, they are prepared. 


I am a people- person, so please feel free to get in touch with me anytime you have a question. :)


It's a pleasure to meet you. See you in class!!



    Tutorials Schedule

    English/ Language Arts Tutorials are on TUESDAYS.

    Mornings: 7:50- 8:20 am

    Afternoons: 3:50- 4:30 pm


    ** Please feel free to come down and ask for help anytime. 

    *** Appointments can also be made upon Student Request



    Office Hours:

    Monday- Friday 

    9:14- 10:04 AM



    1st Period- Planning Period

                          8:25- 9:10 AM

    2nd Period- Conference/ Office Hours

                           9:14- 10:04 AM

    3rd Period- ELAR

                           10:08- 10:53 AM

    LUNCH- A Lunch

                           10:54- 11:24 AM

    4th Period- ELAR

                           11:27- 12:12 PM

    5th Period- ELAR

                           12:15- 1:00 PM

    6th Period-  ELAR

                           1:04- 1:52 PM

    7th Period- ELAR

                           1:56- 2:41 PM

    8th Period- ELAR

                           2:45- 3:30 PM