• Kevin Barker Academic Support Specialist (L-Z)


    This year is my 17th year in public school education with the first 12 of those years in the classroom teaching 9th grade World Geography at Vines HS.  This is my 4th year at Plano Senior HS serving as 1 of the 2 Academic Support Specialists.  While I really miss the classroom and introducing 14 year olds to how fascinating the world is, I am proud to now be able to be a part of this Wildcat community and enjoy the opportunity my position provides to help all of our learners be successful.My personal life is spent largely with my wife and 2 daughters (10 year old at Bethany Elem and 14 year old at Clark HS), soccer, music, outdoors and learning/reading/growing.

  • Please direct any questions regarding support under the 504 program to:


         Email (L-Z): kevin.barker@pisd.edu

              Phone: 469-752-9497

         Email (A-K): aramy.balderas@pisd.edu

              Phone: 469-752-9438 


  • Section 504

    Section 504 refers to Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.  This federal law prohibits discrimination against disabled persons who may participate in, or receive benefits from, programs receiving federal financial assistance.  Section 504 ensures that eligible students with a disability receive equal access to services that are provided to students without a disability, and it provides protection from discrimination due to the disability.

    Each Plano ISD campus has a §504 coordinator who has been designated by the principal as facilitator for that campus.  In order to access the campus coordinator, please contact the child's school.

    Definition of Disability

    Section 504 defines a person with a disability as anyone who: 

    1. Has a physical or mental impairment which substantially limits one or more major life activities

    2. Has a record of such impairment, or

    3. Is regarded as having such an impairment


    A student is eligible for §504 protections and/or services if he/she has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities, including, but not limited to: 

    • Caring for oneself
    • Performing manual tasks
    • Walking
    • Seeing
    • Hearing
    • Speaking
    • Breathing
    • Working
    • Learning
    • Reading
    • Concentrating
    • Thinking
    • Communicating
    • Any bodily functions and systems

    Examples of Impairments

    Examples of impairments which may entitle Section 504 protection and/or services are:

    • Medical condition such as chronic asthma, Diabetes, heart disease, or a seizure disorder
    • Physical disabilities or orthopedic impairments
    • A temporary disability 
    • Learning related impairments

    The presence of one of these conditions itself may not qualify a student for Section 504 protections and/or services. The impairment must also cause a substantial limitation of a major life activity. 


    The §504 evaluation for eligibility considers parent information, physician's report/medical information/health information, teacher and administrator input, work samples and achievement data, educational evaluations or assessments, and any other pertinent information. 


    The Plano ISD Section 504 process involves student evaluation, intervention planning, follow-up evaluations, and reviews of accommodations to determine if the Individualized Accommodation Plan is effective. 

  • Mission, Vision and Values

    Plano ISD

    Mission:  The mission of the Plano Independent School District is to provide an excellent education for each student.

    Vision:  Plano ISD schools empower students to be able to adapt to new learning and career opportunities throughout their lives, collaborate with, and contribute to, the global community and to be disciplined and creative in their thinking.

    Goals(1) Ensure continued improvement in student learning.
                 (2) Ensure efficient use of financial resources/budgeting.

     Plano Senior High School

    Mission:  The mission of Plano Senior High School is to graduate responsible individuals prepared to function with integrity in a rapidly changing world.

     Personal Core Values

    Growth Integrity Grit Respect Patience