• Audio/Video Recording & Editing


    Check out our WeVideo page to learn about recording and editing audio, narrations, and video recordings. 

    Video Creation & Editing Tools

    See our Video Creation & Editing Tools page - Adobe Spark, Loom, Screencastify, WeVideo, and more.


    https://123apps.com/ - audio/video recorders, converters, etc. Many choices!

    Mote - easily add 30-second voice comments and feedback to share on Google files and in Google Classroom.  Watch this Mote Extension Overview video.

    Talk & Comment - Voice Note anywhere - Chrome extension that allows you to record your voice and it is saved as a URL so you can paste it into a document. You must remember to remove the "(voice note)" at the end of the URL.

    Prism Video Converter

    See our Prism Video Converter page. This is only available for network computers.