Ms. Paxton

Phone: 469-752-8566


Degrees and Certifications:

Seattle University: Juris Doctor, Magna Cum Laude University of Texas at Arlington: Honors BA, Sociology and History

Ms. Paxton

I realized I wanted to become a teacher in the stark white office of an aging FBI building. That may sound scary, but allow me to explain: when I was in law school, I interviewed for a position as an FBI analyst intern. My whole life, it had been my dream job, but there, in that office, I suddenly realized that the job I'd dreamed about didn't match my goals.

Growing up, I wanted to help people. I wanted to do my best to make an impact on other people's lives--to help them soar and conquer their own dreams. To a young child, what better way to do that than to become a federal agent? But there, in that room, I asked myself, what people have had the most impact on me?

The answer was clear: my teachers. I remember my 6th grade English teacher, who introduced me to Harry Potter. She changed my life forever, taking a young girl who hated reading and transforming her into a voracious reader and writer, something she probably doesn't even know she did. I remember my sophomore English teacher, who encouraged me to write and assured me I had talent. I remember my undergraduate sociology professor, who took me under his wing and granted me an office with the graduate students in order to further my studies.

These teachers, and so many others I can't list here, changed the course of my life with their passion and kindness. They are my heroes--the people I strive to be for my own students. They fostered my creativity, allowing me to learn about myself and my place in the world, with their support and understanding.

And they didn't just do it for me--they've done it for countless students over the years.

From training adults, mentoring students, and leading groups, I've spent my life teaching and creating. And now, I hope to give my students the same opportunities my teachers gave me.

Teacher Schedule

  • 1st Period: Honors English 7

    2nd Period: Honors English 8

    3rd Period: Honors English 8

    Bobcat Academy

    4th Period: Honors English 7

    A lunch: 11:28-11:58

    5th Period: Conference

    6th Period: Honors English 8

    7th Period: Honors English 8

Tutorial Schedule

  • Tutorial Schedule

    I am extremely flexible with my tutorial schedule, and I am happy to set up tutorials with individual students.

    Set tutorial hours are

    Tuesday and Thursday: 7:45-8:20

    Wednesday: 3:30-4:30