Ms. Poupart



Degrees and Certifications:

ASU: B.S. in Sustainable Energy Materials and Technology Harvard University: Masters in Sustainability and Environmental Management Prescott College: Sustainability Education

Ms. Poupart



My name is Ms. Poupart, but many kids either call me Ms. P or Ms. Poptart. This will be my second year teaching at Shepton, and I am thrilled to have every one of your kids! Before teaching, I worked in curriculum development with incoming Ph.D. students to tailor their program needs and help them achieve their academic goals. However, my passion is teaching as it allows me to instill curiosity and a love for science now and the rest of their lives! Please feel free to reach out via e-mail so that we can work together to help your kid(s) reach their full potential. A little about me... I have two goofy dogs who keep me on my toes! I love to travel, so I have visited six countries (lived in four), puns are my jam, I enjoy pointillism painting (when I can), and I love running, snowboarding or any activity that keeps me up and moving around.  



Teacher Google Classroom Codes:

Poupart 1st period –lmt5hfa

Poupart 2nd period – yshwqj7

Poupart 3rd period – yiz3hf6

Poupart 5th period – 4iapy7h

Poupart 6th period – 3p4ntro

Poupart 7th period – pfps2ye


Welcome to Shepon and Go Stallions! 

  • Tutorial Schedule:

    Thursdays aftersool from 4:14-4:50 pm 

    Block lunch schedule TBD 

  • 2019-2020 Schedule 


    1st period: On-Level Biology  

    2nd period: On-Level Biology 

    3rd period: On-Level Biology

    4th period: Conference 

    5th period: Honors Biology 

    6th period: Honors Biology 

    7th period: Honors Biology