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Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. David Lozano

Mr. David Lozano – Spanish Teacher Murphy Middle School

I was born and raised in a small city in the Southeastern area of Zacatecas, Mexico with one older sister and three younger brothers. In the summer of 1998, I moved to the U.S. to continue my education. In the fall of 2002, I attended Mountain View Community College and received an Associate’s Degree in Arts. After two years, I transferred to the University of Texas at Arlington and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish. During this time, I met the girl who later became my wife. In 2011, I received the beginning teacher of the year award from Rice Middle School.

As a teacher, I believe that in order for each student to learn in the classroom, the community, parents, administrators, teachers, supportive staff and students need to work together to provide a positive learning environment. Students have different learning styles and each student learns in a unique way.  In my classroom, I use a variety of teaching techniques to guide students and give students opportunities to learn from each other. 

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    Degrees and Certifications:


    Master’s Degree in Counseling

    Lamar University


    Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish

    University of Texas at Arlington


    Associate’s Degree

    Mountain View College

  • Murphy Middle School

          Period 1: Spanish 7th Grade

          Period 2: Spanish 7th Grade

          Period 3: Spanish 7th Grade

          Period 4: Spanish 7th Grade  

          Period 5: Spanish 7th Grade                                    

          Period 6: Conference                                        

          Period 7: Spanish 7th Grade