Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Patricia Rodriguez

Hi! My name is Patricia Rodriguez. I have a bachelors degree in early childhood education, a Masters in Special Education and a second Masters in Educative Administration. I moved from Puerto Rico a year ago. I have 12 years of experience working with children. 

I am currently working as a bilingual teacher assistant in pre-k. I enjoy working with young students. I learn a lot with them, as I play and help them to develop academically. My goal is to get the Texas Certification for Elementary Teacher.

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time outdoors with my children and traveling the world. 

  • Daily Schedule

    7:00-7:45 Arrival

    7:45-8:10 Breakfast

    8:10-8:15 Unpack/Bathroom

    8:15-8:30 Welcome Circle/Calendar

    8:30-8:50 Whole group L.A./Reading

    8:50-9:00 Music & Movement

    9:00-9:30 Small Group

    9:30-9:45 Settle Your Glitter (Mrs. Axtman M/W)

    9:45-10:15 Recess & Gross Motor

    10:15-10:30 Snack

    10:30-11:30 Small Centers/ RTI

    11:30-12:00 Big Centers/Library (Every other week on Tuesday)

    12:00-12:30 Recess (Jennifer & Patricia on Duty)

    12:30-12:50 Bathroom, Nap Setup, Read Aloud

    12:50-1:20 Lunch (Elia & Lisa on Duty)

    1:20-2:20 Rest Time/Planning

    2:20-2:30 Pack-up/Clean-up/Dismissal