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    PISD Webmail

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    District Telephone Directory

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  • My EOP Instructions

    For instructions on downloading My EOP, please click here:

    My EOP instructions

  • Pinnacle


  • PISD Policy On Line

    PISD Policy On Line

  • SafeSchools Training

    Link to Safe School Trainings:  Safe School Website

    Before Friday, August 26th:

     Complete online Safe Schools courses:

    1. "Standard Response Protocol" video (20 minutes)
    2. Child Abuse video (32 minutes)
    3. Youth Suicide Awareness & Prevention video (39 minutes)
    4. Blood Pathogen Exposure Prevention video (19 minutes)
    5. Anaphylaxis training (5 minutes)
    6. Diabetes Overview training (5 minutes)
    • Read power point for Health Services Training's:
    1. "Managing Seizures at School" Power point

    Before Tuesday, December 20th:

    • View SafeSchool's training videos at http://pisd.tx.safeschools.com/ (you should have received an e-mail from SafeSchools with more details) (ALL STAFF)
    1. PISD Attendance Reporting (not ready yet)
    2. Sexual Misconduct: Staff to Student video (35 minutes)
    3. Sexual Harassment-Staff to Staff video (17 minutes)
    4. General Ethics in the Workplace - Texas Version 

  • TEAMS / Employee Service Center

    Employee Service Center

  • Webdesk


  • Instructional Planning

  • Be in the Know... 2019-2020

  • Get Ready, Here They Come…

    • Prepare and post Math, Literacy, and Science Word Walls
    • Post safety plans and fire/disaster drill maps (in correct orientation)
    • Post Citizenship/Character Traits poster – English and/or Spanish
      • (Let Admin know if you need either poster)
    • Label lockers and desks
    • Prepare Substitute Folder
    • Prepare invitation to Grade Level Parent Meeting

  • Nuts and Bolts:

    • Set up Pinnacle (grade book for grades 3 – 5)
    • Set up Voice Mail (including internal and external greetings)
    • Set up PowerSchools – Click icon to log in and verify profile is correct
    • Set classroom clock to correct time
    • Update your Mendenhall website bio page

  • More to know

    • Know how Special Education, Title I/Literacy, and ESL work at Mendenhall
    • Understand how the CMIT team works for at-risk students
    • Understand and follow assessment procedures including the use of four and ½ week progress reports and Pinnacle
    • Understand and follow after-hour procedures
    • Review the organization of the curriculum planner and TEKS
    • Review Campus Improvement Plan and Mission & Belief Statements

  • Learn About Your Students

    • Review each Cumulative Folder, Portfolio, and SAS
    • Review each LPAC folder for identified ELL students (English Language Learners)
    • Carefully review each IEP for identified special education students (legally binding document; all accommodations must be followed regularly)
    • Study STAAR scores (all teachers)

  • Reminders:

    • Must be in the classroom by 7:30 am each day – stand at the classroom door to greet students each day!
    • Join PTA (optional, but highly encouraged)

  • Team Leader Corner

    • Review the following with team members: grade level homework policy, grading policy, re-teaching plan, take home folder procedures
    • Know your partner grade level for if/when you need to assign students to a different location (K and 3rd, 1st and 4th & 2nd and 5th)
    • Submit individual class schedule (including the library, science lab, or other special class groups, if applicable) – Use this link: Staff Schedule
    • Submit after school teacher duties here: After School Duty 
    • Check out radio from CTA and keys from Hortensia
    • Team Leader Notes

  • First Day/First Week(s) of school…

    • Have a happy, successful year.
    • Relationships, Relationships, Relationships – Students, Parents, & Staff
    • Discuss Student/Handbook/Policy Guide (procedures should take about two weeks to practice; safety unit must be done first week also
    • Explain/review arrival, lunch, and dismissal procedures
    • Explain/review emergency procedures (refer to posted Fire Drill and Disaster Drill Maps)
    • Explain/review Internet Use Guidelines
    • Check out student textbooks and complete inventory cards
    • End the day with a positive comment and a smile. Make sure students know you are glad to have them in your class.
    • Remember to take care of yourself! Have a nice dinner and get lots of rest. Morning comes quickly during the first week of school.

  • Mendenhall Forms

  • Mendenhall Absence from Duty

    The Mendenhall Absence from Duty Form must be completed for all absences, even if you do not require a substitute.

    • For discretionary use of state personal leave and vacation, this form must be submitted to your supervisor for approval in advance of the absence in accordance with campus/department expectations.
    • All compensatory time must be used before using accrued leave.
    • The team leader or department head’s signature acknowledges your assigned duties are covered.
    • All absences must be entered in TEAMS. Contact the office manager for assistance if needed.

  • All About Me

    The All About Me Form must be completed at the beginning of the year. Results will be posted after August 20th. 

    The All About Me Responses!

  • Staff Birthdays

    The Staff Birthdays Form must be completed at the beginning of the year. 

    The Staff Birthday Results

  • Mendenhall Audio/Visual Equipment

    The Mendenhall Audio/Visual Equipment Form must be completed when you would like to request audio or visual equipment for the use of a presentation in the cafeteria. 

  • Self-Manager Reporting

    The Self-Manager Reporting Form must be completed when you have a student that is promoted to the next self-manager level. 

    All promotions that are read on Monday will be printed on Friday at 3:30

  • Staff Kudos

    The Staff Kudo Form can be completed anytime you would like to celebrate a staff member for going above and beyond. 

  • Week at a Glance

  • Schedules

  • Campus Maps and Emergency Maps

  • Behavior Management System