Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. TK Bush

 Welcome to the 2022-23 school year.  Expect to earn math credits for graduation.  Come to class with a great attitude, do all of your homework each night and give your best effort.  Success will be as easy as following those three steps! 

 Adherence to the Dress code and the wearing of ID badges will strictly enforced so please be aware of the relevant pages in the student handbook.

 You must attend class to receive credit towards graduation.

See you soon.


Algebra 2 teacher and Swim Coach.

Entering twelfth year of teaching with PISD with high anticipation.

Lifelong learner.  I want my students to aspire to this.

Lifelong athlete. I would love it if students achieve both!


Contact:  email:

              Phone: 469.752.9000 Ext. 35568

  • !st Period - Varsity Swimming

    2nd Period - Algebra 2 Seniors

    3rd Period -  Algebra 2 Seniors

    4th Period - Algebra 2 Seniors

    5th Period - Algebra 2 Juniors

    6th Period - Conference

    7th Period - JV Swimming

  •         Tutorials available by appointment.


                 Education and Certifications:

    Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Md.  BA Natural Sciences

    Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Tx. MBA


    Composite High School Math

    Composite High School Science