Mr. TK Bush



Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. TK Bush

Algebra 2 teacher and Swim Coach.

Entering tenth year of teaching with PISD with high anticipation.

Lifelong learner.  I want my students to aspire to this.

Lifelong athlete. I would love it if students achieve both!

  • !st Period - Swimming

    2nd Period - Honors Algebra 2

    3rd Period - Honors Algebra 2

    4th Period - On level Algebra 2

    5th Period - On level Algebra 2

    6th Period - Conference

    7th Period - Swimming

  •         Tutorials available by appointment.


                 Education and Certifications:

    Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Md.  BA Natural Sciences

    Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Tx. MBA


    Composite High School Math

    Composite High School Science