Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. TK Bush

Welcome to the age of flexibility! As we all wait to see how the public health crisis steers our efforts, we have been taking the best of the practices that worked in the spring and have honed and added to them to maximize the learning environment for your child. Please encourage your child to give their best effort without placing undue stress upon them.  Communication will be the oil that smooths our efforts – among staff, parents and students. 

Today’s students are going to be well prepared for facing challenges in their post academic futures having bested these times.  That is potentially as valuable than any academic knowledge that they will gain in their time with PISD.

Please help your child adjust to our evolving norms with grace, patience and an abundance of love.  We will continue to do the same as issues and challenges arise.  Together, through teamwork, we shall get through this and be better for it.

Welcome to the 2020-21 School year.


Algebra 2 teacher and Swim Coach.

Entering eleventh year of teaching with PISD with high anticipation.

Lifelong learner.  I want my students to aspire to this.

Lifelong athlete. I would love it if students achieve both!


Contact:  email:

              Phone: 469.752.9000 Ext. 35568

  • !st Period - Swimming

    2nd Period - Algebra 2 Seniors

    3rd Period -  Algebra 2 Seniors

    4th Period - Honors Algebra 2

    5th Period - Honors Algebra 2

    6th Period - Conference

    7th Period - Swimming

  •         Tutorials available by appointment.


                 Education and Certifications:

    Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Md.  BA Natural Sciences

    Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Tx. MBA


    Composite High School Math

    Composite High School Science