• Licenses to Imagine Math Facts ( Big Brainz) were not purchased this year, 2020-2021.
    Students and teachers will not have access to this product until further notice.

    Login to Big Brainz App in Webdesk

    Big Brainz (recently changed to Imagine Math Facts) is available for math students in Grades 2-8.

    1. Sign in to webdesk.pisd.edu.
    2. Open the PISD Big Brainz app

    big brainz app in webdesk

    1. It will automatically sign students in using single sign-on.  

    How to play

    To learn how to play the game, watch the tutorial video at www.bigbrainz.com/VideoTour.html.


    • The video also explains how a student can exit the pre-test. This is not suggested.
    • It will probably be tempting for some students to wander through the Dungeon "just for fun" without getting into the math. After the first few sessions in the program, it would be best to have the students display their progress chart for you. 

    Teacher Management

    There is no management feature to this program. Student data has already been uploaded by the district. New students will be added automatically on a regular basis.

    Progress Reports

    Progress reports are available inside the game for students to view. While playing, a student simply presses the Esc key and selects Progress.