Mr. Christopher Wierman



Degrees and Certifications:

College Degrees Masters in the Arts of Teaching/Social Bachelor of Science in Physical Education K-12 Associates of Art Health and Physical Education Teaching Certification Social Studies 7-12 (Texas) Other Certification OAS: Olympic Archery in Schools Instructor Bigger Faster Stronger Weight Room Safety and Strength Conditioning Trainer

Mr. Christopher Wierman

I am starting my 23rd year of teaching and my 3rd year at Williams High School.  I am part of the 10th grade team, where I teach both On-level and Honors World History.  I am also the club moderator for Journey: a co-ed, multi-cultural group that meets after school once a week to participate in learning the sport of archery, participate in community out- reach when available and prepare for college in the future.  My goal as a teacher is to create meaningful learning oppertunities, energize my school community and empower students to be life-long learners.  I am also a certified archery instructor and strength and conditioning coach.I grew up in Miami, Flordia and graduated from Miami Dade Community College and Barry Univesity.  I started my teaching and coaching career in Miami and would later move on to New York city, where I would teach for another 13 years.  I am a father of 4, own my own archery instructional business and am a die hard FSU fan.  I love archery, volleyball and track and field; all sports that I have coached throughout my career.     

  • Room Number K-104

    1st Period- World History (Remote)

    2nd Period- Honors World History 

    3rd Period- Honors World History (Remote)

    4th Period- World History Co-Taught w/ Mrs. Novotny

    5th Period- Honors World History (Remote)

    6th Period- Conference

    7th Period- World History Co-Taught w/Mrs Novotny