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Ms. Dieter

My name is Caroline Dieter and I will be the Journalism teacher this year at Plano Senior High School. I will be teaching Journalism, Yearbook, Newspaper, and Photojournalism. This is my first year to be at Plano Senior and I am thrilled to be a Wildcat! This will be my 5th year teaching and my 3rd year with Plano ISD. I was at Shepton High School teaching English and Yearbook the previous two school years. I have a passion for Journalism and I can't wait to share that with my students!

  • Email:


    Phone Number: 469-752-9336

  • Classroom Codes

    1st Period Photojournalism is: 2bvldef

    2nd Period Newspaper is: s6o36qs

    3rd Period Editorial Leadership is: cylam56

    4th Period Yearbook is: 5j3dfe2

    5th Period Journalism 1 is: dt6osii

  • 1st Period: Photojournalism 

    2nd Period: Newspaper

    3rd Period: Editor's Period

    4th Period: Yearbook

    5th Period: Journalism 1

    6th Period: Conference

    7th Period: Conference

  • Tutorials are available by appointment and/or during my office hours every Monday from 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM.