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Saba Sayeed


I am elated to be a new member of the Renner community and will be teaching 6th Grade English Language Arts and Reading! I studied English and Drama at McGill University in Montreal,Canada and have a little over ten years of international teaching and administrative experience, as well as experience running my own theatre company. After moving to the United States, I worked at Southern Methodist University and Dallas Afterschool in early childhood educational research and evaluation and am so looking forward to returning to classroom instruction! I love to use theatre games and performance as a tool to help students bring literary texts to life and have experimented extensively with readers theatre as well. I have lived in four different countries and am blessed with an amazing husband (who is also a writer!) and two beautiful sons, aged 9 and 12. Apart from education, my passions include poetry and drama, fitness, travel and spending quality time with family; I also recently started writing my first children's book! I look forward to soaring into the world of the imagination with my students.


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    Telephone: 469-752-5831

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  • Teacher Schedule

    Period 1: 6th ELA - Block 1

    Period 2: 6th ELA - Block 1

    Period 3: Conference/Planning

    Period 4: Advisory

    Period 5: 6th ELA - Block 2

    Period 6: 6th ELA - Block 2

    Period 7: 6th ELA - Block 3

    Period 8: 6th ELA - Block 3

  • Tutorials

    PM 3:45-4:15 - Ms. Legg - School @ Home
    AM 7:50-8:20 - Ms. Harbin - F2F
    PM 3:45-4:15 - Ms. Sayeed - School @ Home
    AM 7:50-8:20 - Ms. Rakofsky - F2F
    PM 3:45-4:15 - Ms.Laizerovich - School @ Home