Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Haley

I’m Ms. Haley. I am absolutely thrilled to be at Otto this year and am looking forward to working with teachers, staff and all my new 6th grade students this year.

Previously I taught in the Houston area in Spring ISD for three years. I have my Bachelors degree from Youngstown State University in Speech Communication, a MBA in Business Administration, and a M.S. in Organizational Psychology. Many years professionally I worked in advertising and marketing with newspaper, magazine, radio and television advertising sales.

I practice yoga, meditation and have travelled many places in the world internationally. I value the experience and perspective of many cultures, and love to learn about different cultures.

My goal is to assist my students in having a successful academic year, and have fun while learning. I encourage my students to continue to grow in a healthy way socially, emotionally, and academically throughout the year and be the best they can be as individuals.

Thank you.

Ms. Haley