Degrees and Certifications:

BSFS International Relations Majors: History, Economics, Government, German Certifications: Social Studies Composite 6-12 MA History Major: Modern History Certification: Gifted and Talented Education K-12

Mr. Paul William Philp

My name is Paul Philp and I began teaching in 1989. I attended Georgetown University in Washington DC where I was educated to be a diplomat and intelligence officer. My majors include history, government and politics, economics and German. My teaching certificate is from the University of Texas in Dallas while my Masters' of Arts is in Modern History from Texas A&M - Commerce. I am certified to teach all social studies classes grades 6th to 12th, as well as gifted education K-12. I have taught 15 years in public schools and 18 years in Catholic schools. I also taught college for nine years. During that time, I have been a teacher, an AP teacher, an Academic Decathlon and Speech/Debate Coach, a coordinator of social studies, foreign languages and gifted education, a coordinator of curriculum and director of admissions. I speak German and Spanish. I am both a College Board consultant for AP World History and an AP Reader of World History since 2002, when I helped launch the new course nationally. In my spare time, I write professionally (both world history and science fiction) and attempt to play servant to two large Maine Coon cats.   

Mexican-American and Latino Studies Course

Teaching Schedule

  • Hello! Bienvenido! I am developing the curriculum for the new course in Mexican-American and Latino Studies and teach AP US Government. I teach on the three senior high campuses and travel between campuses. 


    Zero Hour:    Plano West and Zoom Meetings

    1st Period:    Plano West (Room A 2170)

    2nd Period:   Travel

    3rd Period:    Plano Senior (Room A 109)

    4th Period:    Travel and Lunch

    5th Period:    Plano East (4-155) AP US Government

    6th Period:    Plano East (4-155) Mexican American and Latino Studies

    7th Period:    Plano East (4-155) AP US Government

    After School: Plano East, Tutorials, and Zoom Meetings (Room 4-155)

Tutorial Schedule

  • I move between campuses. As such tutorials are difficult. Students need to email if they would like to meet and conference. Often I will conference through Zoom and will send them a time and link. However I will try to maintain the following tutorial times:

    Zero Hour:    Plano West or through Zoom

    After School: Plano East and Plano Senior or Zoom