Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Judith Campbell Reiter


Degrees and Certifications:

    BS Computer Science 

    MS Software Engineering 

    PhD Computer Science in progress

My class schedule 

  • 1st period 9:00-9:49  Conference

  • 2nd period 9:56-10:49 Computer Science  2 = 4e24vnn

  • 3rd period 10:56-11:45 AP Computer Science Principles = d6cpbsh

  • A Lunch
  • 4th period 12:38-1:27 AP Computer Science A = cz6tdki

  • 5th period 1:34-2:23 Computer Science  1 = q352zv7

  • 6th period 2:30-3:19 Computer Science  1 = 3vhsopw
  • 7th period 3:26-4:15 AP Computer Science Principles = crobesb

I was an Oracle database administrator and software engineer for 15 years. I taught at UTD for 2 years. I have been teaching in Plano ISD since 2005. I have been married for 28 years to Joe, who is a network engineer.  All 3 of our kids graduated from PESH.  Blaine is a STEM teacher in Richardson. Jasmine is an EMT, and she is studying for her BS in medical technology. Mason graduated from MIT in 2023 as a mathematics and computer science major.