• Homework

    Homework will include speaking and writing assignments or projects. Each homework will have a due date.  The highest grade you can receive for late work (up to 5 days late) is an 80.  

    Tests and Quizzes

    There will be many forms of tests including writing, multiple choice, speaking presentations and projects.  The purpose of these assessments is to find out what each student knows so that lessons can be tailored accordingly.  

    Online Translators

    Use of online translators is not acceptable. It is okay to look up an occasional word in a dictionary (at teacher discretion) but not entire passages.



    An integral part of the support group for the student’s success is the parent.  Please encourage your student to take good notes and keep up with the assignments. Even if parents do not know a foreign language, you can still help students with practicing vocabulary.  Students should review their notes on a daily basis.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding class policies or if you would like to discuss your child’s progress in my class.  E-mail is the most effective way to communicate with me.


    The best way to contact me is via e-mail: lorena.almazan@pisd.edu 

    Thank you and I look forward to a successful school year with you all!


    Collaboratively yours,

    Señora Almazan

  • Sra. Almazan - Class Schedule:

    • 1st  period:  8:25 - 9:12 (CONFERENCE/PLANNING)
    • 2nd period:  9:16 - 10:05 (Spanish 8)
    • 3rd period:  10:09 - 10:55 (Spanish 8)
    • 4th period:  10:59 - 11:46 (Spanish 8)
    • 5th period:  11:50 - 12:37 (Spanish 8)
      • LUNCH:     12:37 - 01:07
    • 6th period:    1:11 - 1:58 (Spanish 8)
    • 7th period:    2:02 - 2:49 (Spanish 8)
    • 8th period:    2:53 - 3:40 (Spanish 8)


     Otto MS Calendar

    23-24 Bell Schedule

    Tutorial Schedule

    3:45-4:00 P.M * by appointment*

    • Mondays - Thursdays



    Updated PISD Grading Guidelines

    23-24 Grading Periods

    Spanish 1 is a 2-year course in middle school.  Each semester grade will consist of 2 nine-weeks grades and a comprehensive semester exam.  Students will be evaluated on tests, quizzes, presentations, participation, homework, and daily work.

                                    Major Grades (60%):  Tests, Quizzes, Projects and Presentations

                                    Daily Grades (40%):   Homework and Daily Work


    NOTE:  Please remember that the CUMULATIVE GRADE earned in this 2-year course will be transferred to the HIGH SCHOOL LEVEL.


    1st nine weeks: 40%

    2nd nine weeks: 40%

    Semester Exam(1): 20%

                    -Multiple Choice Interpretive: 60% 

                    -Semester Exam Task (1): 40% 


    3rd nine weeks: 40%

    4th nine weeks: 40%

    Semester Exam (2): 20%

                    -Multiple Choice Interpretive: 60% 

                    -Semester Exam Task (2): 40% 

  • Classroom Expectations:

    1. Attend class on time per your class schedule
    2. Respect yourself, your teachers, your classmates, school property and everyone around you.
    3. I will teach when there are no distractions.
    4. Participate and be ready to engage and learn. Raise your hand and wait to be called on before contributing your ideas.
    5. Non-essential breaks (restroom, throwing away trash, sharpening a pencil, etc) will be allowed when the teacher is not addressing the class with instruction.
    6. A hall pass is required to use the restroom. Using the restroom will not be permitted for the first nor last 10 minutes of class.
    7. Students should bring appropriate supplies to class every day (notebook, pencil/pen, highlighters, glue stick).              

    Class Procedures:

    1. Enter quietly, sharpen your pencil, take out the materials you need for class, and get started on your warm-up.
    2. Place your backpack on the floor in the space indicated by your teacher.
    3. Your phone & earbuds should be turned off and inside your backpack.
    4. By the end of class, gather your materials when instructed by your teacher and stay seated until dismissed by the bell.