• Using the Online Catalog

  • How do I use the Online Public Catalog?

    1. Navigate to the campus catalog. (Public Use)

    2. Click on the appropriate campus.

    3.. Locate the search bar at the top of the screen. 

    Library catalog search box

    3. Verify your campus is showing on the screen top right corner. 

    Dropdown list for campus selection

    4. In the white space bar, type the subject, title, or author of the material for which you are searching. Click on the search button. 

    Search Bar

    5. Search results will appear for items located in your campus library. You might see other campuses that also have holdings for a particular book. 

    Image of search results

    6. Refine your results by using the limiters of the left side of the screen. 

    Image of checkboxes for limiting search results

  • How do I access my PISD library account?

    PISD Students: 

    1. Navigate to your PISD Webdesk.          
    2. Click on the PISD Library Koha Catalog tile. 
    3. Image of KOHA Catalog Icon in Webdesk
    4. Your webdesk login will sign in to your library account.
    5. Information is now available to view including books you have checked out, books on hold, fees, and renew options. 
    6. You can also search the catalog, find library resources and place book hold requests from this screen.

    Image of a student account page in KOHA

  • How do I put a book on hold?

    PISD Students must log into Koha using Webdesk via their chromebook to place books on hold. 

    2. Search for the desired material in the catalog. 

    3. A book can only be placed on hold if the item is currently checked out by another patron. 

    4. There are two ways to place a hold:

    Brief search results. Enter the title of the item for which you are searching in the search box. Results for the item will appear. If the item is currently checked out, click on the Place hold button at the bottom of the search results:

    Place Hold button


     Enter the title of the item for which you are searching in the search box. When results appear, click on the title of the book. This will open the Item full description. Click on the Place hold button on the right side of the screen:

    Place Hold Button on Menu

    3. On the next screen, click the Confirm hold button to place the book on hold. 

    4. The hold is now added to the system.

    5. You can also ask the librarian to place a hold for you.