• Key Communicators

    The Key Communicator program is one valuable aspect of the school district’s ongoing, two-way communications effort with parents and other citizens in the district. The communications department coordinates the programs with the assistance of parent volunteers, led by longtime Key Communicators chairperson Sharon Goldblatt.

    About the Program

    Key Communicators link parents and the community to information about the school district.

    Key Communicators are parents who are nominated for one year of service by their school principal. They link parents and the community to information about the school district, while being kept informed through meetings, periodical mailings, online information, events and personal contact.

    Each school selects three parents to serve as Key Communicators during each given school year. Key Communicators do the following:

    • Attend three evening meetings at which time the superintendent and other key staff share information and interact with the group.
    • Meet with their school principal to develop ways to facilitate communications.
    • Provide another opportunity for volunteerism as a school representative.
    • Attend a spring forum, open to the public in election years, at which school board candidates speak and respond to questions.
    • Work on special projects (these vary from year to year but include legislative issues, special events, etc.).
    • Attend various school district events, dedications, receptions, etc.
    • Facilitate balanced and factual communications.

    Communicating information from and about the meetings and events to your school, parents, staff, students and other district citizens is a vital part of what Key Communicators do. Your principal will help you determine which lines of communication are available through the school and PTA, such as:

    • Inclusion in school and PTA e-newsletters
    • Presentation at PTA and other parent meetings
    • Distribution to your personal contacts via email, phone, in-person, social media, etc.

    You may also want to distribute information to your personal contacts via email, phone, in-person, social media, etc. Many resources are available to you through our Key Communicators web page, such as links to agendas, meeting videos, PowerPoint presentations and handouts.

    We are sometimes asked to send meeting summaries via email, and it would be convenient for Key Communicators to copy and paste that in an email to their personal contacts. However, the write up would not contain the Key Communicator’s perspective on the information presented. Therefore, if you miss a meeting, we encourage you to watch the meeting video, if available, and look through the meeting materials posted online. You are welcome to email us (or the speakers) with any questions you have about the presentation.

    We look forward to working with you during the school year.

    For more information or to obtain hard copies of any presentations or handouts listed in the agenda please contact:

    Brittnea Ussery
    Plano ISD Communications Department
    2700 W. 15th Street
    (469) 752-8144