• Welcome Parents:

    It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to Shepton High School. At Shepton, you will find a passionate professionals dedicated to student success. Our 1,500(ish) 9th and 10th grade students provide for a diverse campus that is academically rigorous and competitive, yet mindful that kids need to be kids. Our students receive local, state, and national accolades in athletics, science fair, music and art competitions, theater productions, debate, business leadership, FFA, and medical professions. Our teachers work collaboratively to research and design meaningful instruction to fully engage their classes.

    It is our expectation that students not only grow academically, but socially. We offer over 50 student clubs for students to join. If a club does not exist, it is easy to start one. We strongly encourage every student to be a part of a student group. To further provide for a balanced high school experience, Shepton teachers do not have test, projects, or homework due on Friday. Our “NOT DUE ON FRIDAY” initiative allows for students to have one evening in their school week to be a stress free evening, hopefully one spent with family and/or friends.

    We are very fortunate to have an active and dedicated PTSA. Our PTSA provides a variety of programs specifically designed for parents. Some of the topics covered in past programs have been: Teenage driving, college/career planning, drug/alcohol awareness, and coping with stress. Our PTSA also provides teachers with grants to start classroom initiatives or enhance their instruction. This year our PTSA funded Android Tablets for math and special needs classes, a Field Trip for Humanities classes, DNA labs for biology classes, and support in FFA, theater, and other student groups. Shepton PTSA is purchasing a new electronic marquee to keep our parents and community informed of the “happenings” at Shepton.

    We encourage you to visit our campus and help keep our campus safe by signing in and out at the front office when you arrive. Our students need to remain on campus during the school day unless signed out by a parent/guardian and we require all guests to wear a badge identifying who they are and where they need to be. These precautions, as well as regularly scheduled safety drills and staff training help to keep our campus safe and allow us to sustain an effective learning environment.


    Jeff Banner, Principal

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