Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelors Degree in German Bachelors Degree in Secondary Education 500 HR Certified Yoga Teacher

Mrs. Jillian Reilly

Frau Reilly is a split campus teacher.  She teaches at Shepton 1st- 3rd period, and at Jasper 5th- 7th period.  She is the WOLFPACK German Club Sponsor for Shepton, Jasper AND PWSH.  She can't wait to teach your kiddos German!


For Class Documents, Information and the Calendar, please visit the Google Classroom Page and/or Check out the Remind!


  • Frau Reilly's Schedule

    1st Period: MAPS/Learning Lab at Jasper in Room 1031

    2nd Period: German 1 at Jasper in Room 1031

    3rd Period: German 2 at Jasper in Room 1031

    4th Period: Travel to Shepton/ Lunch/ Conference Period

    5th Period: German 1 at Shepton in Room B107

    6th Period: German 2 at Shepton in Room B107

    7th Period: CBOI/ MAPS at Shepton in Room B107



  • With regard to Remote Learning:  Any time your student is doing asynchronous learning, is a time when Frau Reilly is available for one-on-one or small group tutorials.  Just send her a message via Google Classroom, Email or Remind and we can schedule some time together to learn!


    There are NO AM tutorials for Jasper students, as Frau Reilly teaches at her other campus,Shepton, in the AM.

    As long as there isn't a Staff Meeting planned (usually the first Thursday PM of the month), Frau Reilly is available for PM tutorials from 4:15 -5:00 PM.

    Official Block Lunch Tutorials are: Monday and Wednesday B Blocks. Other Block A/B Tutorials can be arranged by appointment- and are preferred.

    Please make an appointment for tutorials, to let Frau know you are coming (that way she isn't off making copies if she sees no one in her room).  Please send her an EMAIL or a REMIND so she knows you are attending.