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Ms. Rebecca Mallory

Welcome to American Sign Language! I teach American Sign Language 1 & 2, as well as sponsor ASL Club and ASL Honor Society. I am an SFA Lumberjack, with a degree in Deaf Education, passionate about ASL and Deaf culture, and I love teaching here at Jasper High School! It’s my sincere hope that a true appreciation is gained for such a beautiful language and culture. Go Jasper Jags!


American Sign Language (ASL) is an integration of expressive and receptive skills with emphasis on fingerspelling, numbers, glossing, signs, phrases and sentences at the beginning level.  Please note that ASL is NOT English. The Deaf have their own culture, and their language has its own syntax, grammar, and rules. This course will provide students with information on general usage of signs and grammatical structure for simple and complex sentences, as well as introduce them to the culture of the Deaf.


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  • 1st: ASL 1

    2nd: ASL 1

    3rd: ASL 1

    4th: Conference

    5th: ASL 2

    6th: ASL 2

    7th: ASL 2

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  • Online Class/Video Chat Expectations

    Posted by Rebecca Mallory on 8/5/2020


    Online Class/Video Chat Expectations:

    Be Prepared 



    Be on time. 

    Find a quiet learning place without distractions. 

    Have your materials ready. 

    Keep your camera on and still. 

    Check your surroundings. 

    Dress appropriately. 

    Stay on mute. 

    Raise your hand to speak/ask a question. 

    Stay on topic when speaking. 


    Be Respectful 

    Use Signals 

    Be focused. 

    Pay attention.  

    Be an active participant. 

    Be respectful with your words, actions, and content (work you share with the class). 

    Thumbs up = OK

    Thumbs down = No

    Raised hand = Question

    ? in chat = Question

    ! in chat = Comment 

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