Class Information

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    World Geography Textbook 

    World History textbook- use 

    Google Classroom

    Humanities 1st code: 9yrcua

    Humanities 2nd code: phewiy

    Humanities 3rd code: o9l4vkw

    Humanities 4th code: h1gao41

    WH H 6th code: 9g3knt

    WH H 8th code: aef91x

    College Board Website 

    WHAP Course Exam Description 

    AP Class codes

    1st: VPVRJE

    2nd: XYR9VV

    3rd: MZ42J4

    4th: KQM4VV

    Humanities Remind Code: cgf2bf

  • Important Dates

    Aug 1: schedule Pick Up 

    Aug 12: First Day of School 

    Aug 30: Theatre Coffee House Performance

    Sept 2: Labor Day- No School 

    Sept 4: Open House 

    Sept ?: Back the Blue Football Game

    Sept 21: PSAT practice test 

    Sept 23-28: Homecoming Week 

         Sept 26: Homecoming Football game 

         Sept 28: Homecoming dance 

    Oct 11: End of 1st Nine Weeks 

    Oct 14: Holiday- No School 

    Oct 15: Parent-Teacher Conference Day- No School 

    Oct 16: PSAT/COGAT testing day 

    Oct 17: Pink Out Football game  

    Oct 21-25: Red Ribbon Week 

    Nov ?: Follyball tournament 

    Nov 6-7: OAP performance 

    Nov 10: One-Act Play Contest 

    Nov 25-29: Thanksgiving Holiday 

    Dec 9-13: STAAR retesting 

    Dec 17-20: Fall exams 

    Dec 20: End of 2nd Nine Weeks 

    Dec 23-Jan 3: Winter Break 

    Jan 6: teacher workday 

    Jan 7: Students return to class 

    Jan 20: Holiday 

    Jan30: Spring Showcase 

    Feb 7: Spring Pep Rally 

    Feb 17: Teacher workday 

    March 6: Multicultural Day 

    March 6: End of 3rd Nine Weeks 

    March 19-13: Spring Break 

    March 26-29: Spring Musical 

    April 7-9: STAAR tests

    April 10 & 13: Holiday 

    April ?: Biology Perot Museum Trip 

    April 28: WHS Awards night 

    May 4-8: STAAR tests 

    May 14: AM WHAP exam 

    May 19-22: Spring Exams 

    May 22: End of 4th Nine Weeks 

  • Humanities II Class Information

    Humanities II Calendar 19-20 

         HII Syllabus 

         1200-1450 (AP units 1 & 2) 

         HII Early Modern Period 1450CE -1750CE (AP units 3 & 4)

         HII Modern Period 1750CE - 1900CE (AP units 5 & 6) 

         HII Contemporary Period 1900CE-Present (AP units 7, 8 & 9) 

  • Honors World History Class Information

    World History Honors Calendar 19-20

    WH H Syllabus 

    WH H Early Civilizations Overview (Early and Classical Civilizations Unit) 8000 BCE-600CE

    WH H Post Classical Civilizations Overview 600CE-1450CE

    WH H Global Connections Overview (Exploration Unit) 1450CE-1750CE

    WH H Revolutions and Imperialism Overview 1750CE-1914CE

    WH H International Interactions Overview (WWI to present Unit) 1914CE-present

Class Schedule

  • 1st period:  Humanities 

    2nd period: Humanities

    3rd period: Humanities

    4th: period: Humanities

         B Lunch

    5th TAD: Learning Lab/tutorials 

    6th period: World History Honors 

    7th period: WH planning period  

    8th period: World History Honors 

Tutorial Schedule

  • 2019-2020

    History: Tests and Quizzes are on Wednesday and Thursday

    Humanities (Eng & Hist): Tests and Quizzes on Monday- Thursday 


    AM: Tuesday and Wednesday 8:20-8:50 and Available by appointment (with a teacher/parent pass)

    TAD: available with a teacher pass 

    PM: Available by appointment