1SG Nicolas Hill



Degrees and Certifications:

1SG Nicolas Hill

Teacher:  1SG Nicolas Hill  JROTC Instructor

Email:  nicolas.hill@pisd.edu

Contact Informaiton:  Vines High School 469-752-7862, Plano Senior High School (Only during 3rd period) 469-752-9385, Clark High School 469-752-7360

Classes:  Vines High School  1st period (9:00 to 9:50) 2nd period (9:54 to 11:14 on Monday Homeroom) 2nd period Tuesday through Friday (9:54 to 10:44)

Classes:  Plano Senior High School 3rd period (10:55 to 11:45)

Classes:  Clark High School 5th period (1:36 to 2:26), 6th period (2:31 to 3:21) 7th period (3:26 to 4:15)