Degrees and Certifications:

School: Midwestern State University Degree: Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

Ms. Finkler (Coach Fink)


My name is Sara Finkler and this is my fifth year teaching at Vines. I teach Algbera 1, Honors Algebra 1, and I am the Vines Cheer Coach. I love teaching and helping students learn critical thinking skills. Teaching makes my heart whole and it is so fun to see the student's growth throughout the year. My goal is to help your students learn critical thinking skills from Algebra and become lifelong learners.

When I am not teaching or coaching, I love spending time with my family and friends, watching sports, working out, and playing golf.

"Teaching is a work of HEART"




Office Hours: Monday through Friday during 5th Period (Emails will not be answered in the evenings past 4:30 pm or on the weekends.)

*Emails will be repsonded too during the next available 5th period planning/conference/office hour period if not earlier. 



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  • Ms. Finkler's SCHEDULE

    Period 1: Cheer Prep (coach only)

    Period 2: Honors Algebra 1

    Period 3: Algebra 1

    Period 4: Honors Algbera 1

    Period 5: Planning/Conference/Office Hour

    Period 6: Cheer Class 

    Period 7: Algebra 1

  • Algebra 1 and Honors Algebra 1 COURSE INFORMATION: 


    PISD Webdesk: 
    1) To access the online Algebra 1 book: go to your PISD Webdesk and click the "HRW" tile Icon.

    2) To access Google Classrom, go to your PISD Webdesk and click the "Google Classroom" tile Icon. 

    3) To access the Graphing Calculator, go to your PISD Webdesk and click the "DESMOS" tile icon.

    NOTE: Students must login each school day using PISD Webdesk to track attendance.

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  • Algebra 1 and Honors Algebra 1 TUTORIALS:

    OPTION 1: Students can attend ANY of the Algebra 1 teachers' tutorial times, NOT just the student's teacher's Algebra 1/Honors Algebra 1 tutorial times. THUS there are options avaiable every week for Algebra 1/Honors Algebra 1 Tutorials. See the Google Doc for tutorial times and Zoom links provided on your student's Google Classroom under the "Class Information" topic.


    OPTION 2: By appointment. Email: with the following:

    Subject Line: "(INSERT YOUR NAME) Algebra 1 Tutorial Appoinment Needed"

    Email: "(INSERT MULTIPLE REQUESTED DAYS AND TIMES in the order with #1 being the best time option for the tutorial)"

    NOTE: Your tutorial request may not be avaibale so give multiple time options to fit both of our schedules. 


    TUTORIAL ZOOM LINKS are provided on your student's Google Classroom under the "Class Information" topic.