• Letter Recogonition 

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    Monkey Match 
    - from Between the Lions. Concentration style game. Select upper/lower case letter match; beginning letter sound match; or rhyming word match  

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    ABC Match-Up 
    - Concentration-style game. Students click to uncover the capital letters and find the matching pairs.

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    Upper/Lower Case Match 

    from LiteracyCenter.net. An upper case letter and different lower case letter are side by side. Click the up and down arrows to scroll through the letters .
    till you find a match.  

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    ABC Zoo 
     Press any key on the keyboard to hear a letter and an animal that begins with that letter.

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    Starfall ABC's 
    - Click a letter. Hear its name and some words/pictures that start with that letter.

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    Teach Me ABC's 
    - Click a letter and the pictures to hear the letter's and picture's name.

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    Letter Order 
    - from ABCya The monkey sings the alphabet song, then WHOOPS! the letters get all mixed up. Help the monkey put the letters back in the right order  

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    ABC Order 
    - Watch the train cars come in. Then tell which letter comes next

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    Clifford's Puppy Letters 
    - Click Easy (one mouse). Click and drag the letters to their spaces in the word that will complete the sentence.

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    Teddy Bear's Picnic 
    - Drag the Teddy Bears to their correct place.

    Click match sound to find all the teddy bears with the matching letter. (It's really not sounds, just letter matching)

    Click match case for the upper and lower case matching game.

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    Alphabet Action 
    - Click a letter. You will hear the letter's name and see a picture of something that begins with that letter.