Mrs. Patterson



Degrees and Certifications:

Degree(s) Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication Certification(s) Grades 4-8 English, Language Arts, and Reading Grades 7-12 English, Language Arts, and Reading

Mrs. Patterson

So you want to know all about me, huh? Well, my name is Jazman Patterson, but if you're here you should probably call me Mrs. Patterson or Coach Patterson. This is my fourth year teaching and my second year teaching at Shepton High School. My English classroom is located in P508, and I have the pleasure of teaching English I and English II Pre-AP. I also coach Sophomore girls basketball in the morning. Oh, and I dabble with track and field in the spring. 

Outside of school, I'm a very laid back, fun-loving person. I am married (if you didn't pick that up by my title), and we have three lovely fur babies, a dog named Seamus, and two cats that I'm allergic to. I enjoy watching movies, playing basketball, trying out fitness classes, and, of course, teaching! Some common phrases you may hear from me would be "How 'bout them Cowboys?!" and "Let's get a milkshake!" Ultimately, I'm just trying to sprinkle a little happiness in the world while also inspriing students to become better, smarter people.