Jillian Reilly



Degrees and Certifications:

Jillian Reilly

Bachelors Degree in German
Bachelors Degree in Secondary Education
500 HR Certified Yoga Teacher


Frau Reilly is a split campus teacher.  She teaches at Jasper 1st- 3rd period, and at Shepton 5th- 7th period.  She is the WOLFPACK German Club Sponsor for Shepton, Jasper AND PWSH.


She can't wait to teach your kiddos German!

  • 1st Period: German 1 at Jasper Room 1031

    2nd Period: German 1 at Jasper Room 1031

    3rd Period: German 2/2H at Jasper Room 1031

    4th Period: Travel to Jasper/ Lunch/ Conference Period

    5th Period: German 2/2H at Shepton Room B107

    6th Period: German 1 at Shepton Room B107

    7th Period: German 1 at Shepton Room B107

  • There are NO AM tutorials for Shepton students, as Frau Reilly teaches at her other campus, Jasper, in the AM.

    Please make an appointment for tutorials so I know you are coming.

     Block Lunch tutorials are preferred, either block.  However, Frau is also available daily after school, unless there is a staff  meeting planned.  Please send her an EMAIL or a REMIND so she knows you are attending.