Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Science Biomedical Sciences Bachelor of Science Marine Biology

Mr. Wesley Kirpach

I have been an AP Biology teacher since 2003 and an AP Biology teacher at Plano West since 2005.  I have also taught Anatomy, APES, IPC, ES, Bio1.  I am currently teaching Anatomy and Physiology and Environmental Science.  I believe that my goal as a science teacher is not to answer questions, but rather teach students how to ask the right questions.  The questions we have without answers are the seeds of science and the future of our understanding of the universe.  Discovery is accessible to everyone and is vital to a science classroom.  Outside of school my philosophy is the same, ask questions, investigate, experiment and explore... Discovery follows!

  • 0 Hour:  Anatomy and Physiology

    1st hour:  Anatomy and Physiology

    2nd Hour:  Conference

    3rd Hour:  Anatomy and Physiology

    4th Hour:  Anatomy and Physiology

    5th Hour:  Environmental Science

    6th Hour:  Anatomy and Physiology

  • Tutorials will be conducted in Zoom or other platform through google classroom:


    Monday 3:30-4:15