Phone: 469.752.5678


Degrees and Certifications:

Religious Studies Historical Studies Linguistics English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

Mrs. Doreen Cruz

Education:  Ladycliff College, Highland Falls New York - Political Science and Religious Studies

                   The University of Texas at Dallas - Bachelor of Science, Historical Studies

                   The University of Texas at Dallas - Master of Arts, Linguistic Studies, ESOL Certification


Years in Education: 24


Family: Married - 44 years, we have 2 AMAZING children and 3 BEAUTIFUL grandchildren!


Hobbies and Activities: OUR pass time is traveling; in our downtime, we (Armin and I) are either on an island, ship or a sun-soaked resort. IT'S ALL ABOUT MEMORIES, and I have precious ones!


Interesting Facts About Me: I am a native New Yorker, and though I have had the great pleasure of raising my children in Plano, Texas, New York is very special to me!

Mrs. Cruz's Schedule

  •   8:25 -  9:14    Beginner ESL

      9:18 - 10:07   Beginner Reading

     10:11 - 11:00  ESL Social Studies

     11:04 - 12:23  Conference

     12:27 - 12:51  Advisory

     12:55 - 3:44    Intermediate ESL

      1:48 -  2:37    Intermediate Reading

      2:41 -  3:30    ELDA


  • Tutorials take place daily from 8:00-8:25 to support Mrs. Cruz's class lessons.