Ms. Natalie Wells



Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Natalie Wells

Welcome to Robinson Choir!

Natalie Wells is currently in her forth year of teaching at Robinson. She teaches the Select Treble Choir, Concert Choir, and the Tenor-Bass Choir, as well as co-teaches the Beginning Choir and the A Cappella Men's Choir alongside Kimberley Ahrens. She received her undergraduate degree in music education from Baylor University and is also a Plano West alumn. She still happily resides in Plano, TX with her family. 

  • Robinson Choir Schedule:


    1st Period: Conference/Planning

    2nd Period: Beginning Choir

    3rd Period: Tenor Bass Choir/A Cappella Men's Choir

    4th Period: A Cappella Treble Choir/Concert Treble Choir

    5th Period: Beginning Choir

    6th Period: Rhythmix Pop Group

    7th Period: Select Choir

    8th Period: Beginning Choir

  • Robinson Choir Google Classroom Codes:


    Beginning Choir: 56utzi


    Men’s Choir: pudh8p


    A Cappella Treble: eriumhf


    Select Treble: cub6tru


    Concert Treble:4r4pnwd


    Rhythmix: 8o7gpsr