Phone: 469-752-5330


Degrees and Certifications:

University of Texas, at Dallas: Master of Arts in Humanities-Aesthetic Studies University of North Texas: BFA, Visual Art Studies/ Art Education

Priscilla Clark

I graduated from the University of North Texas, majored in Art Education, BFA. And I graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas for my master’s degree with Humanities in Aesthetic Studies. My favorite area in art is painting. I paint with oil paints, acrylic paints, watercolor paints and sometimes I use mixed media. Besides art, I love music, especially Jezz and classical music. I play the piano and a guiter, and sing when I have some free time. I have been working in a variety of places related to education including teaching at High School, Middle (current), Elementary School and community colleges for 15 years. I like to encourage my students to pursue their ideas in the process of creating their own artworks that are meaningful to them. Currently I'm teaching Intro Art, 2-D Art, 3-D Art, and Advanced Middle School Art classes. I love my students and I'm very greateful to be with my students daily.



MY WHY: I want to inspire my students to express and be able to speak their inner voice visually. I want to bring out the inner artist of them to help build skills and self confidence. 

  • 1st period: Art 2- 3D Art

    2nd Period:Art 1- Intro Art

    3rd Period: Art 1- Intro Art

    4th Period: Advisory 

    5th Period: Art 1- Intro Art

    6th Period:Art 1- Intro Art

    7th Period:Art 2- 2D Art

  • When: Second Wednesday of every month, 3:35 - 4:45pm, beginning October

    The children will engage arts & crafts and other fun learning activities together after school.