Mr. Aaron Adams

Phone: 469-752-7093 / 469-752-7032


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelors of Fine Arts in Art Education from the University of North Texas

Mr. Aaron Adams

 I am a third year visual arts and information technology teacher. After a career in film, television, and photography I returned to school to study Art education, and graduated from the University of North Texas in the winter of 2016. I am an artist and art advocate that enjoys creating utilizing traditional and new media practices. 


  • Class Schedule

    First - Digital Visual Technical Training Program  

    Second - Intro to Visual Art 

    Third - Exploring Information and Computer Technology

    Fourth - Planning 

    Fifth - Exploring Information and Computer Technology 

    Sixth - Exploring Information and Computer Technology

    Seventh - Art 3D  


    Google Classroom Codes

    2nd Intro to Art - f32ekj3

    3rd ICT - 47stngm

    5th ICT - vqswkbb

    6th ICT - 766zekm

    7th Art 3D - s3iryys


    Art Club

    Tuesday Afternoons  3:30-4:30 Open to all Grade Levels


    Tutorial Schedule

    Mondays 3:30 - 4:15 & Thursdays 7:50 - 8:20

    Alternate tutorial times may be made by appointment

  • Courses

    Exploring Information and Computer Technology

    Grade Placement: 7 and 8 

    Prerequisite: None 

    One-semester course

    Explore the technology behind computer software and hardware, use 3D simulation software to design, build and ride virtual roller coasters, create web pages, build and program robots, learn to program computers to make animations and interactive games, and learn how to effectively use presentation software to communicate ideas. While doing fun and engaging activities, students also explore the skills needed for college and career readiness, learn about the labor market and develop skills for success in the workplace. 

    Introduction to Art

    Grade Placement: 7 and 8

    Prerequisite: None

    One-semester course

    Art 1 is an introductory art class that introduces students to the elements of art and priciples of design, giving them a foundation that allows for appropriate use of art vocabulary when describing personal works of art. Students will explore a variety of media, such as drawing techniques, color theory, and sculpture. Students will discuss the expressive properties of artworks such as meaning, narrative, message, and symbol. Students will be introduced to art history and culture by exploring artistic styles, historical periods, and a variety of cultures.

    Art 3D

    Grade Placement: 7 and 8

    Prerequisite: Intro to Art

    One-semester course

    Art 3D is the study and creation of art in three dimensions. Students will study the various sculpture techniques and sculpture processes of ceramics, wire, paper, cardboard, plaster, ect. Students will study art history, art criticism, and aesthetics in art.