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Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Scott Wayne:

I grew up locally and am a product of Plano schools myself, having graduated from Plano West. I got my undergraduate degree from the University of North Texas and my teaching certificate at the University of Texas at Dallas. This is my 5th year at Murphy Middle School and I could not ask to be at a better school! 

I love to read and write, so being able to impart that wisdom on to my students is such a treat for me. I mostly enjoy reading fiction; some of my favorite genres are Western, Crime Drama, Historical Fiction, and classic Sci-fi. I’m also an avid reader of comics and graphic novels, many of the same genres as I listed before, but also love super heroes! Batman, Daredevil, TMNT and Power Rangers are my current favorites. 

I absolutely adore music and movies and could talk for days about both. I play several instruments, and am in a band that before Covid19 would play gigs somewhat regularly. I love(d) to go out to see live music and look forward to the day I can again. I like new movies, but I watch a lot of classic movies from throughout film’s history. I was so interested in it, I even studied film in college!

  • Tutorial Schedule: 

    Mondays:  6th and 7th Periods

    Tuesdays: 4th and 5th Periods

    Wednesdays: 1st and 2nd Periods

    My conference Period is 3 period daily.

    This will be updated and changed once students return to school in person.

  • Mr. Wayne's Class Schedule - F104:

    8:26-10:14:  Periods 1 and 2- 6th Grade ELA

    10:18-11:08:  Period 3 - Conference/Planning

    11:12 - 11:42:  Lunch

    11:48-1:42:  Periods 4 and 5 - 6th Grade ELA

    1:46-3:30:  Periods 6 and 7 - 6th Grade ELA