• Marty Duncan


    So many years of so many different jobs in so many different fields for so many different employers led me to my favorite job with the best work enviroment I've experienced. I spent 5 years at Medieval Times, squire fights, swinging swords, riding horses, then from there I went back into retail as a store managerfor a little over a year. I then went to work for the Carrollton Farmers Branch school district and worked as their stadium manager for 5 years. After an injury, I decided to make a change. Although I loved the atmopsphere of the school district I needed to find a career path that aligned with my passions, and so I studied and worked and got myself certified as an I.T. professional. After the declaration that I would be working with computers I had worked several contract jobs and learned a great deal from each of them. Spring break of 2017 I was offered the job here at Shepard and have never looked back! I hope everyone is as excited as me for this school year and together we can make it the best year ever!