Ms. Shawn Greenberg, Kindergarten Team Leader

Phone: 469-752-1976


Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Shawn Greenberg, Kindergarten Team Leader

College(s): Western Michigan University.

Teaching History: I have worked at Huffman Elementary for 27 years, 5 years in second grade and 22 in kindergarten.

Family:  I am married with one grown-up daughter and lots of furry babies.

Interests/Hobbies Outside of School: I am the foster/intake coordinator for a local animal rescue group. I am a dog trainer and I love to teach puppy kindergarten! I am involved in a local community theater and enjoy a great play. Reading and spending time with my family and friends is my favorite way to relax. 

Why did you want to start the IB PYP at Huffman? This program has had a stellar reputation around the world for many years. I am passionate about giving children lifelong learning and critical thinking skills. It is important to me to foster caring and responsible global citizens. Our school is an amazing place to be and I have been thrilled to watch us rise.