• Williams High School Clubs and Organizations School Year 2019-2020


     Art Club

    Sponsor: Ms. Chang - L108

    Meeting Date/Time/Location: Wednesday After school

    Membership:  Open to students that are serious about art

    Purpose: To make and learn more about art

    Goal:  Have extra time to enjoy art

    Events planned:  mosaic project for the school and an on-going art club project/event


    ASL (American Sign Language)

    Sponsor: Baer -E109A 

    Meeting Date/Time/Location:  TBD

    Membership:  Open

    Purpose: Learn about deaf culture and their language, ASL

    Goal:  Promote cultural acceptance, acquire a second language, and step outside your comfort zone

    Events planned:  ASL show during spring semester


    Athletics (Boys)

    Coach: Solis 

    Meeting Date/Time/Location: Every day after school at the field house:  Practice after school

    Membership:  first round of tryouts is held the first week of school.  The second and final round of tryouts are held in November at Williams  

    Purpose: To give students the opportunity to improve their, build team spirit, team sportsmanship and a drive to push their limits to prepare them to play at the JV & Varsity level at PESH.               

    Goal:  To improve skills, to build a team environment, to teach positive sportsmanship and life skills and participate with peers

    Events planned:  Practices & Games/tournaments


    Athletics (Girls)

    Coaches: Brantley-Large Gym              

    Meeting Date/Time/Location:  1st period

    Membership:  Tryout

    Purpose: to teach students the fundamentals of basketball and compete          

    Goal:  To improve skills, to build a team environment, to teach positive sportsmanship and life skills and participate with peers.

    Events planned:  Practices & Games/tournaments


    AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination)

    Sponsor: Rodriguez-T107 , Salas - S103

    Meeting Date/Time/Location:  Every day during school

    Membership:  Tryout/Application

    Purpose: Hold students accountable to the highest standards; provide academic and social support as they rise to the challenge of advancing via individual determination.



    Sponsor: Petrinowitsch and Kennedy -D104

    Meeting Date/Time/Location: Marching rehearsals are every day before school until mid october. Then students will have a sectional once a week at 7:45-8:45 AM.

    Membership:  Audition required

    Purpose: To provide aesthetic expression and outlets for creativity through music as a performing art.

    Events planned:  Marching performances at all 10th grade home football games. In addition, there will be several concert performances throughout the year as well as a spring trip to the Bluebonnet Music Festival in San Antonio.


    Best Buddies:

    Sponsor: Moore 

    Meeting Date/Time/Location:  Friday during 5th Period 

    Membership:  Open



    Black Culture Club

    Sponsor: Henry-Smith

    Meeting Date/TimeWednesday, 4:20 - 5:00

    Membership: Open

    Purpose: to share the vast nature of African American culture and studies in the areas of music, literature, science and education. 



    Book Club

    Sponsor: Doerr-Library

    Meeting Date/Time/Location:  Once a month, during 5th period, in the Library 

    Membership:  Open

    Purpose: To enjoy literature through fellowship and discussion   

    Goal:  Encourage reading in a safe environment with respectful literary, student-led discussion

    Events planned:  TBA



    Sponsor: Floyd

    Meeting Date/Time/Location:  Everyday 7th period in J105/Dance Room/Gym

    Membership: Tryout/Application in the spring of the previous school year

    Purpose: To promote school spirit

    Goal:  Practice leadership, foster teamwork, and encourage school spirit

    Events planned:  Spirit Parades, pep rallies, cheering for football, basketball and other sports teams at Williams; community service such as Walk for Zachery, etc.


    Chinese Club

    Sponsor: Wen-E113

    Meeting Date/Time/Location:  Once a Month, the first Tuesdays after school at 4:20 PM.

    Membership:  Open

    Purpose: To expand our students’ horizons through different activities involving Chinese culture, language, and people

    Goal:  Cultural enrichment through celebrations of holidays, preparation of traditional Chinese food, and observation of day to day common practice Chinese people

    Events planned:  Mid-Autumn Festival, Chinese New year, Plano International Parade, Talent Show



    Sponsor: Romagnolo-D106

    Meeting Date/Time/Location:  Every day at school

    Membership:  Audition required

    Purpose: To make music

    Goal:  To grow and educate musically

    Events planned:  Several concerts throughout the year; competition; Spring trip


    Coding Club

    Sponsor: Hemby

    Meeting Date/Time/Location:  Thursdays 4:15-5:15 in E120

    Membership: 10

    Purpose:  to introduce coding to students using college level (UT Dallas) teachers.

    Goal:  to provide exposure to computer coding for students of all ability levels.               

    Events planned: meetings only


    Cooking Club

    Sponsor: Hemby

    Meeting Date/Time/Location:  TBA 

    Membership: open 

    Purpose:  to learn about culinary arts

    Goal:  to introduce students about the world of culinary arts.     

    Events planned: TBA



    Sponsor: Williams

    Meeting Date/Time/Location:  Tuesday Mornings at 7:40am in B121B

    Membership:  Tryout/Application

    Purpose: Develop argumentation and presentational skills

    Goal:  Promote effective communication



    Sponsor: Hieronymus-W102

    Meeting Date/Time/Location:  Every day before school through 1st period. CheyAnnes practice every morning to prepare for performances at football games, pep rallies, and basketball games.  

    Membership: Tryout/Application in the spring of the previous school year

    Purpose: Drill team is an organization that promotes school spirit, works on dance skills, and promotes a mature lifestyle.

    Events planned:  Performances at football games, basketball games, parades, and a banquet in the Spring CheyAnnes attend a contest where they compete against other schools for top score in dances in various styles. We wrap up the year with our Spring Show that is a cultivation of a year's worth of work!       


    Dungeons and Dragons

    Sponsor: Hoskins

    Meeting Date/Time/Location: Fridays 4:30 -5:30 in P105

    Membership: 16

    Purpose: Fun -  to play the game             

    Goal: meet new friends

    Events planned: 



    Sponsor: Solis 

    Meeting Date/Time/Location:  TBA

    Membership: Open to anyone

    Purpose: To see the world impacted by Christianity through the influence of young people

    Goal:  To challenge and encourage students in their walk of faith in Christianity


    FFA (Future Farmers of America)

    Sponsor: Love-P103

    Meeting Date/Time/Location:  Second Tuesday of the month at Plano East

    Membership:  Open to any student who is currently enrolled in an Agricultural Science class.

    Purpose: To promote leadership, honor, agricultural opportunity and responsibilities and develop those qualities of leadership that an FFA member should possess

    Events planned:  See calendar on PESH.FFAnow.org


    GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance)

    Sponsor: Garner 

    Meeting Date/Time/Location: Friday after school in room E104

    Membership:  Open

    Purpose: To unite students and support each other

    Goal:  Support students of all genders/sexual orientation/race

    Events planned:  Provide support in group; other events TBA


    Health Sciences Academy Club

    Sponsor:  Alba

    Meeting Date/Time/Location: TBD

    Membership:  Only HSA students

    Purpose:  To build leadership and teamwork skills and give the HSA students to collaborate with each other to promote health awareness through the school.  They will also work at Health Science Academy events and the students will have a chance to earn community service hours.

    Goal:   Educate staff and students about a health issue every month.

    Events planned:  Open House, Monthly newsletter blog for staff, 8th grade night, Career Symposium and other community events.


    HOSA (Future Health Professionals)

    Sponsor: Alba 

    Meeting Date/Time/Location: Every other Wednesday during LL/5th period

    Membership:  Open

    Purpose: To develop leadership and technical HOSA skill competencies as part of the Health Science education

    Goal:  to develop leadership, character, communication skills and promote career opportunities in health care and health care education projects

    Events planned:  Williams Fall festival, making lovies for Children’s Medical Center and other community events


    Journey (co-ed)


    Meeting Date/Time/Location: Wednesday 4:30-5:30 Room k-104 or courtyard near the library 

    Membership: Tryout/Application

    Purpose: Mentorship and support for students who are underrepresented in college through playing competitive soccer

    Goal:  Explore college and career options; create leadership and self-esteem via soccer

    Events planned:  College visits, campus community service, soccer games



    Sponsor: Aguilar-R102

    Meeting Date/Time/Location:  Tuesday at 4:30pm in R102

    Membership: Open to all female students

    Purpose: Encourage and support girls to attend college

    Goal:  Mentor and encourage academic higher standard

    Events planned: Several visit to universities



    Sponsor: Tesmer

    Meeting Date/Time/Location: Tuesday and Thursday 4:30-5:30

    Membership: 20

    Purpose:   Learn and practice K-Pop dances; socialize about K-pop groups and songs            

    Goal: Perform several dances at the Multicultural day 

    Events planned: Multicultural day performance



    Sponsor: Miller 

    Meeting Date/Time/Location:  Tuesdays during 5th period

    Membership:  Tryout/Application

    Purpose: Science Fair competition support

    Goal:  Local, Regional, State, and International Competition

    Events planned:  Williams Science Fair; February-District Science Fair; Higher level fairs TBD



    Sponsor: Smith 

    Meeting Date/Time/Location: Tuesdays, 4:30-5:00, P101

    Membership: 25

    Purpose:  pen and paper civilization style game - playing out geopolitical diplomacy and conflict in a fictional Europe       

    Goal: play the game several times throughout the year 

    Events planned: club meetings 


    Math Club

    Sponsor: Jaynes and Davis

    Meeting Date/Time/Location: TBA

    Membership: Open

    Purpose: To prepare for math competitions

    Goal: Attend math competitions


    MSA (Muslim Student Association)

    Sponsor: Tipton

    Meeting Date/Time/Location:  TBA

    Membership: Open

    Purpose: MSA is to create a safe community open to everyone while portraying the true facets of Islam    

    Goal: To break down the walls between religious groups.

    Events planned:  varied


    NHS (National Honor Society)

    Sponsor: Higginson

    Meeting Date/Time/Location: TBA

    Membership: Application

    Purpose: To honor students who have demonstrated excellence in the area of scholarship, leadership, service, and character

    Goal:  to challenge student development through active involvement in the school and community; to stimulate a desire to render service; to create enthusiasm for scholarship; to promote leadership; to develop character

    Events planned: Service project in fall and spring; Induction Ceremony in spring




    Meeting Date/Time/Location:  Every day in class

    Membership:  Audition required

    Purpose: See course guide

    Events planned:  multiple concerts/performances through the year; Spring trip


    PALS (Peer Assistance and Leadership)

    Sponsor: Garner 

    Meeting Date/Time/Location:  Every day during 5th period and weekly 5th period meetings

    Membership: application

    Purpose: Student leaders responsible for serving as volunteers and mentors at the school, other PISD schools and within the community               

    Goal:  To make a difference in the lives of others

    Events planned:  Volunteer events throughout the year



    Sponsor: Dumka

    Date/time/location: Monday 4:30-5:30pm A 133 (Imagineering lab) and select saturdays.

    Membership: 15-20 students

    Purpose: First Tech Robotics Competitive team. We compete in FTC competitions

    Goals: STEM Enrichment via FTC Robotics

    Events: Robotics competitions


    STEP Team

    Sponsor: Taylor and Johnson

    Meeting Date/Time/Location: Mondays and Wednesdays from 4:30-5:30 in N101.

    Membership:  Open to anyone

    Purpose: Step is a form of expression through the replication of beats, rhythms, and popular music by combining clap, stomp, and dance to achieve a unified display of skill and talent.

    Goal:  The goal of the step team is to bring together parties with the desire to learn and display skills in step through practice and public demonstrations.

    Events planned: WHS Pep Rallies, Elementary and Middle School performances  


    Student Council

    Sponsor: Klein R017

    Meeting Date/Time/Location:  5th period class and 5th period advisory period daily; after school meetings to be planned as needed

    Membership:  Tryout/Application-Section by Faculty

    Purpose: Sponsor school activities, give students a voice in making a difference in their school, and provide leadership training

    Events planned:  TBA



    Sponsor: Coach Bui 

    Meeting Date/Time/Location: Every day during 8th period

    Membership:  first round of tryouts is held the first week of school. 

    Purpose: To give students the opportunity to improve their, build team spirit, team sportsmanship             

    Goal:  To improve skills, to build a team environment, to teach positive sportsmanship and life skills and participate with peers

    Events planned:  Practices, games,  & tournaments



    Sponsor: Sutton 

    Meeting Date/Time/Location:  Every day in class in C103 and the auditorium

    Membership:  Tryout/Application for special groups, most courses open to anyone

    Goal:  To have fun and learn about life through theatre

    Events planned: Several shows performed through the year, WHS Talent Show, Field trips to shows and musicals in the Area


    Whiz Quiz


    Meeting Date/Time/Location:  Wednesdays from 4:25 pm-5:15 pm in R104

    Membership:  Open

    Purpose: Provides students with the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge on a variety of topics and subjects

    Goal:  Answering questions in a friendly game of speed and intellect

    Events planned:  TBA



    Sponsor: Duke

    Meeting Date/Time/Location:  Every day during 3rd period - B123 or E120

    Membership:  Tryout/application

    Purpose: To prepare the yearbook for the entire school year

    Events planned:  Attend all school events to conduct interviews and take photographs for all club, class, sports, fine arts, and other various groups represented in the yearbook.