• What is "Future Ready"?

     When high quality teaching is infused with the dynamic use of technology, personalized student learning becomes possible. 

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    The 7 Gears are as follows:

    Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Use of Space and Time
    Robust Infrastructure
    Data and Privacy
    Community Partnerships
    Personalized Professional Learning
    Budget and Resources




    Source:  https://dashboard.futurereadyschools.org/framework



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    5 Ways to Teach Students to Be Future-Ready

    by Matt Miller, author of Ditch that Textbook.

    1. Establish a culture of creativity.

    2. Pursue success through collaboration

    3. Seize opportunities everywhere - online and in real life.

    4. Focus on creating instead of consuming.

    5. Lead by example using your voice.

    Source/read more at:  https://edtechmagazine.com/k12/article/2017/08/5-ways-teach-students-be-future-ready