• Financial Readiness

    While finances should never get in the way of a college education, Plano ISD is aware that money matters. The two main financial considerations for higher education are tuition fees and living costs, and these can vary vastly from college to college. Careful research and preparation can help you find financial aid from many sources: the government, grants, scholarships, and the universities themselves.

    While considering a college, ask yourself--

    • Can my parents afford to pay for any or all of my college experience?
    • What grants, loans, and scholarships am I eligible for?
    • How do I apply for a student loan?
    • Should I consider a private or public college?

    Most students need financial help to some degree, whether from parents or outside sources. Plano ISD University Ready Financial Readiness has resources to help you best handle the financial burden of university life.

  • Haley