• YouTube Live - Communicate, Collaborate, and Connect with this Awesome Tool!

    YouTube Live is a game-changer when it comes to communicating, training, collaborating, and connecting. You can host a "Live Stream" or schedule an "Event". Both allow you to save and edit (YouTube has excellent video editing tools!) the recording as well as live chat with participants. A few ways to use YouTube Live include conducting tutorials online for students, make a how-to video, host morning announcements, meet with colleagues online, host a live webinar. 

    ways to use youtube live


    On the Plano ISD network, you will be unable to install the encoder plug-in to use Stream-Live at the present time (but you can do it at home!). However, it will work just fine if you create an "Event" rather than Stream Live.

    arrow pointing to events under live streaming

    Getting Started

    1. Go to youtube.com and sign it to your PISD YouTube account using your PISD email address and network password. 
    2. Click "My Channel" on the left of your screen. 
    3. Click "Video Manager" button in the top center of your screen. video manager button
    4. Click "Live Streaming" on the left and select Events (see image above).
    5. Click "Schedule New Event". 
    6. Enter a titlewhen you'd like the even to start (either now or later), a descriptiontags, and then be sure to select the correct privacy setting for your webinar:
      • Private - only you or specific people that you invite.
      • Unlisted - only those who have the link can access it; not searchable on the web.
      • Public - anyone can view and anyone can search and find it.
        example of youtube live settings
    7. For Plano people, under "Type" be sure to select "Quick - using Google Hangouts on Air" as this option does not require the encoder plug-in. 
    8. Click the "Go live now" button. 
    9. Click "Start Broadcast" in the hangout. Now you're live!
    10. Share the link with others by clicking the Links button on the bottom right of your Hangout. 
      webinar on Google 
      Copy and paste the YouTube link into an email or however you're sharing it.
      YouTube Page link
    11. If you'd like to have a chat going at the same time, grab that same "YouTube Page" link from step 10 and paste it into a new tab in your browser. You'll see the chat box on the right. Viewers can enter questions/comments in the chat box ONLY if they sign in to their YouTube account. Otherwise, it will not be visible. Read more on how to archive the chat below.   

    Give it a try! 

    Here is a short how-to video how to start a YouTube Live Event. Remember to select your audience, either Public/Unlisted/Private. 


    More good step-by-step instructions for when you're ready to start your YouTube Live event. https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/7083786


    To give credit to participants for attending/watching, check out these options:

    • Chat - Ask participants to type their name in the Chat box at some point during the broadcast so you can take attendance. BEFORE you finish the broadcast, click the chat pop-out button and print the chat record (or print to PDF). 
    • Form - Ask participants to complete a short Google Form at the end of the broadcast so you'll have the attendance in the Google Sheet. An exit ticket like the one below. Just copy and paste the link into your chat or presentation.  

    YouTube Live Exit Ticket screenshot

    Link to Form: http://tinyurl.com/gwr4acm

    Contact Us

    There are many more tips and tricks to YouTube Live Events. Please feel free to contact your Digital Learning Team (Clara, Fern, Leah, or Nancy) to help you with perfecting your YouTube Live skills!

    See original Plano ISD Tech-tastic Blog post here: http://planoisdtech.blogspot.com/2016/11/youtube-live-communicate-collaborate.html