• Using a Mouse

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    Sky Writing 
    - Select a letter from the drop-down. Watch the airplane fly to make the shape of the letter and trace it with your finger.

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    Lecky's Friends 
    Click the Friends to Make link to 
    print a page kids can use to match. Click the graphic to start the game.

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    Paint with Barney 
    - Click a color then use the paint bucket and/or pencils to color the picture of Barney.

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    Fruit Fall 
    - Move the farmer back and forth to help him catch the falling fruit. Careful! They go fast! Use the graph to see how many you catch. 

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    Balloon Pop 
    - The monkeys are floating away! Pop their balloons before they escape, then use the graph to see how many you caught. 

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    Kai-Lan's Puddle Hop 
    - Help Kai-Lan splash in the puddles by clicking the mouse. Drag the mouse side-to-side to help her walk.

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    Bead String 
    - Student clicks on a color then a shape and a bead goes on the string. Very open-ended; kids can make a pattern or just click the colors/shapes

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    Pet Clifford 
    - Click anywhere in the game and
    see what happens. Great for youngest students with little or no mouse experience.

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    Monkey Music 
    - Use your mouse to move the monkey around. Each color will play a different song.Good for youngest users.