• Google Add-Ons

    Google Add-Ons help boost the functionality of Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms. 

    Helpful Tips & Examples

    Instructional Specialist, Kevin Moore, (Instructional Specialist Gifted Services, 2017-2018 PISD TOTY and former Humanities teacher), created the Google Slide presentations "Google Add-Ons" and "Grading Goes Google" (linked on this page) for summer tech trainings and for ETSI. Check them out for suggested Add-Ons to help improve your productivity, save you time (and paper!), and give quality, timely feedback on your students' work. 

    How to Add an Add-On

    1) Open a new or existing Doc/Sheet/Slide/Form. 

    2) Click on the "Add-ons" menu at the top and select "Get add-ons". The example below shows the Add-ons menu in a Google Sheet. (In a Google Form, you'll need to click the three vertical dots, then "Add-Ons".)

    google sheets add-on menu


    3) Search for the Add-On that you want and then add it. Consider filtering by "Education" to view suggested educational add-ons. (* If Add-On is "Not Whitelisted," contact your campus CTA to submit a Helpdesk ticket.)

    google add-ons search by education


    4) After you add it, you will see it by clicking the "Add-Ons" menu at the top of the document.