Degrees and Certifications:

+ All Level Spanish + Principal as an Instructional Leader (EC-12) + BS (Austin College) - Major in Economics, Minors in Spanish and Education + Master's in the Arts of Teaching (Austin College) + Master's in Educational Administration (Texas A&M University - Commerce)

Mr. Jesus Sosa


This year I will be teaching three preps: Spanish 2,  Spanish 4 IB SL, and Spanish 5 IB HL ! Each fun and challenging in their own respective manners. I am eager to get to know your child and guide them through what I believe is not just a beautiful language but also a valuable, highly marketable skill to have when searching for job opportunities.

The goal is to have your child walking out of my class at the end of the year having a much deeper understanding of the language and comfortable enough to have a casual conversation with a native Spanish speaker while appreciating the culture that surrounds the language.

- Sr. Sosa

  • Class Schedule:

    1st Period: Spanish 2

    2nd Period: Spanish 2

    3rd Period: Conference Period

    4th Period: Spanish 2

                B Lunch

    5th Period: Spanish 4 IB SL / 5 IB HL

    6th Period: Spanish 2

    7th Period: Spanish 2

  • Tutorials:

    Before School:

       - 8:15am to 8:50am (M-F)

       - During B Lunch or after school by appointment only