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Oct. 4, 2017 - National College Board Advanced Placement Art Exhibit


Two Plano ISD visual art students works were selected for the National College Board Advanced Placement (AP) Studio Art Exhibition. This is a highly selective exhibit with only 30 pieces out of 60,000 portfolios in the nation selected to participate. The exhibition will travel around the country to a variety of different galleries. Annette Hui and Caitlin Savage were honored to have their work chosen.

Annette Hui, Plano West Senior High School

Photo of Annette Hui Annette Hui's piece was selected from her AP drawing portfolio.  Annette, who graduated in spring 2017 from Plano West, is currently attending the University of Texas at Austin and studying Illustration. Annette’s selected work, titled Yellow Bandaid, was from her Drawing concentration completed in the spring of 2017.  "My concentration was on Band-Aids, and how they had become a visual symbol and brand." In her artist's statement she has this to say about her work “Sometimes we need to fix the tiniest things about ourselves whether it's just improving our personality or healing who we are. Band-aids enlighten this concept by finding our inner differences and quirky character.”

(left: photo of artist Annette Hui)


pen & ink artwork by Annette Hui

Yellow Bandaid
Annette Hui
India ink pens, watercolor paint and Photoshop
Teacher: Sarah Depetris

Caitlin Savage, Plano East Senior High School

Catlin Savage a senior at Plano East sayphoto of Caitlin Savage s that she has always enjoyed drawing and is planning to attend an art college after graduation. “I aspire to be a concept artist for video games and movies in the future. One of my pen and ink pieces, Urban Oasis that I submitted for my AP 2D Design portfolio was selected for the National AP Exhibit.” I am so honored to be chosen for this special distinction. I’d like to thank all of my teachers for helping me to grow and mature as an artist!


(left: photo of artist Caitlin Savage)


pen and ink artwork by Caitlin Savage

Urban Oasis 
Caitlin Savage
Micron pens, white chalk pencil, white gel pen
Teacher: Ashley Bruegel