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Oct. 27, 2017 - Fire Prevention Poster Contest Winners

Congratulations to all the participants and winners of the 2017-18 fire prevention poster contest. This contest, which includes students in grades PreK-12 is held in conjunction with fire prevention week as a way to give students an opportunity to teach the community about the importance of protecting families from fires. These winning posters will move on to the district competition and winners will be announced in March 2018 at the district meeting of the North Texas Firemen’s and Fire Marshals’ Association of Texas.  

Photo gallery of winning artwork.

Group photo of winners with trophies and firetruck

Photo from the awards ceremony held on November 1, also included are district and state winners which were also honored at the awards ceremony.

“We are so fortunate to have such a strong and longstanding partnership with the City of Plano Fire - Rescue. Students from Plano ISD have been competing in this statewide contest since the 1960's," said Mary Swinton, Plano ISD elementary science coordinator.

2017-18 City of Plano Winners

Kinder Division (PreK - Kindergarten)

  • Anisha Tiwari, Barksdale Elementary, kindergarten, teacher: Mai Kloub – first place
  • Aarav Chokhani, Hunt Elementary, kindergarten, teacher: Carole Greer – second place
  • Amna Ahsan, Haun Elementary, kindergarten, teacher: Michael Jalamantez – third place           

Primary Division (Grades One and Two)

  • Makenna Huslig, Stinson Elementary, second grade, teacher: Robin Stokes – first place
  • Annika Wong, Schell Elementary, second grade, teacher: Amber Briggs – second place
  • Austin Saechew, Barksdale Elementary, second grade, teacher: Dusty Holliday – third place           

Intermediate Division (Grades Three and Four) 

  • Isabella Wang, Skaggs Elementary, fourth grade, teacher: Alyson Zembower – first place
  • Aakash Arulkumaran Schell Elementary, fourth grade, teacher: Sheila Greenberg – second place
  • Aadhya Gaur, Rose Haggar Elementary, fourth grade, teacher: Melissa Bailey – third place           

Middle Division (Grades Five and Six)

  • Ananya Ramesh, Centennial Elementary, fifth grade, teacher: Felecia Maness – first place
  • Kate Lee, Schimelpfenig Middle School, sixth grade, teacher: Anne Q. Howard – second place
  • Sanjana Arulkumaran, Murphy Middle School, sixth grade, teacher: Elizabeth Edenkrans – third place           

Junior High Division (Grades Seven and Eight)

  • Lucy Cai, Schimelpfenig Middle School, seventh grade, teacher: Anne Q. Howard – first place
  • Daniel Wang, Rice Middle School, seventh grade, teacher: Rebecca Bottin – second place
  • Olivia Fan, Rice Middle School, eighth grade, teacher: Scott Summer – third place           

High School Division (Grades Nine, Ten, Eleven and Twelve)

  • Ellie Ruan, Clark High School, tenth grade, teacher: Daren Causey – first place
  • Joshua Wang, Jasper High School, ninth grade, teacher: Sara Stevens – second place