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Nov. 3, 2017 - Plano West Teams Place at UTD's Battle of the Brains Programming Contest


Five teams from Clark High School, six from Plano Senior High, nine from Plano East and thirteen teams from Plano West Senior High School competed on October 28 at the University of Texas at Dallas (UT Dallas) Battle of the Brains programming contest. The UT Dallas Computer Science Department has been conducting the statewide “Battle of the Brains: High School Programming Contest” for over a decade. 

Competition teams have up to three students each, so nearly 100 Plano ISD students competed in the competion. Teams are ranked according to the number of problems that they successfully solve, with winners solving the most problems. Typically five or six problems at each level are provided for the teams.

At the advanced level, Plano West Senior High teams received first and third places, and at the novice level, Plano West students earned third place. Congratulations to these students:

  • First place advanced: Collin McMahon, An Nguyen and Elizabeth Zou
  • Third Place advanced: Aditya Arjun, Dachey Lin and Roy Xiong
  • Third Place novice: Richard GuoAutumn Tan and Brian Wang

 Plano West Team Members Battle of the Brains Contest

Plano West students: Richard Guo, Dachey Lin, Collin McMahon, Aditya Arjun, An Nguyen, Robin Bailey (Plano West Senior High math teacher), Elizabeth Zou, Roy Xiong and Sanjay Salem.


Computer club advisors for the teams competing are: Robin Bailey, Plano West Senior High School; Haley Bolton, Clark High School; Ann Horton, Plano East Senior High School and Jonathan Yee, Plano Senior High School. 

"We are proud of the level of competition and commitment to problem solving that Plano ISD students displayed at the event," said Dan Blier, computer science curriculum specialist and newly elected President of the DFW Computer Science Teachers Association.