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Feb. 16, 2018 - Elementary Regional Science Fair Winners


The regional elementary science fair was held on February 5-6, 2018 at the Curtis Culwell Special Events Center in Garland. Approximately 300 project were entered in the competition. Plano ISD students captured 55 of the 105 awards at the regional event including two of the three grand prize awards. Plano ISD has participated in the regional science fair along with six other school districts (Allen, Mesquite, McKinney, Garland, Richardson and Carrollton-Farmers Branch) for over 30 years. Judges for this event have backgrounds in science and engineering and are recruited from area businesses and universities.

Prior to the regional fair, students compete at their home campuses in hopes of capturing the grand prize award. This year, 2,531 Plano students entered projects at campus science and engineering fairs. At each campus, one grand prize winner was selected from grades 1-3 and one from grades 4-5. At middle schools, three to four projects advanced to the regional fair from each campus.

Mary Swinton, Plano ISD elementary science coordinator, said, "It is exciting to see so many students extending their science and engineering knowledge beyond the school day. Our students are lucky to attend schools where their teachers, principals and community support this type of creative thinking!" See photo gallery for more pictures of students and their projects.


Anish Musthyala, Otto MS and Anish Musthyala, Gulledge ES with trophies

Grand Prize

  • Anish Musthyala, Gulledge Elementary, second grade, Super Power Sand Castle, Earth
  • Anushka Sridhar, Otto Middle School, sixth grade, Zoom to Flash, Physical

First Place

  • Shrinath Bathey, Wyatt Elementary, second grade, Humpty Dumpty Had a Great Fall, Physical
  • Prisha Bhat, Stinson Elementary, fifth grade, Ethylene Gas and Bean Plant Growth, Life
  • Claire Boselli, Hightower Elementary, third grade, Musical Bottles, Physical
  • Maya Brown, Frankford Middle School, sixth grade, pHun Algae: The Effect of pH on Algae, Life
  • Kyle Bullock, Barksdale Elementary, fifth grade, The Magic of Momentum, Physical
  • Eden Doan and Kapil Taspa, Otto Middle School, sixth grade, Scratchy Says, Engineering
  • Aadhya Gaur, Haggar Elementary, fourth grade, Beverages That Stain Your Teeth the Most, Life
  • Connor Johnson, Haggard Middle School, sixth grade, Color Solar Speeder, Physical
  • Michael Johnson, Hughston Elementary, first grade, Freezing Fizz, Physical
  • Sophia Kakar and Nuha Mahnoo, Andrews Elementary, third grade, Measuring Milk Contamination Using Spectrum-Photo-Meter, Engineering
  • Sahana Muhunthan, Renner Middle School, sixth grade, Where is the Wind, Earth
  • Anish Musthyala, Gulledge Elementary, second grade, Super Power Sand Castle, Earth
  • Shivani Nathan, Andrews Elementary, fifth grade, The Modern Miracle Worker, Engineering
  • Frances Percaccio, Wells Elementary, first grade, Skin Deep Neuroscience for Kids, Life
  • Agastya Prabhu, Haun Elementary, third grade, Exploring Global Warming, Life
  • Victor Quezada, Mendenhall Elementary, second grade, The Seed Growing Experiment, Life
  • Surya Rajkumar, Stinson Elementary, second grade, Magnet Magic, Engineering
  • Shivi Shrivastava, Wyatt Elementary, fourth grade, Smart Left: a Better Left Turn Signal, Engineering
  • Anushka Sridhar, Otto Middle School, sixth grade, Zoom to Flash, Physical

Second Place

  • Sanjana Arulkumaran, Murphy Middle School, sixth grade, Solving Dissolving, Physical
  • Ishi Chakravarthy, Schimelpfenig Middle School, sixth grade, The Greenhouse Effect: Does it Really Exist? Earth
  • Riya Chhaya, Bethany Elementary, second grade, Let the Games Begin, Physical
  • Sameera Chiruvolu, Robinson Middle School, sixth grade, Tackling Childhood Obesity with Healthy Snacking, Life
  • Addison Gagliano, Davis Elementary, fourth grade, Pulley Up! Engineering
  • Ellie Helmke, Dooley Elementary, fourth grade, Tough Stuff, Physical
  • Neela Jackson, Harrington Elementary, fourth grade, LED v. Incandescent Christmas Lights, Physical
  • Ellen Johnson, Davis Elementary, second grade, pH Kills pHast, Life
  • Katie Pilgrim and Isabella Tepichin, Murphy Middle School, sixth grade, Got Ike? Engineering
  • Ibrahim Qazi, Gulledge Elementary, fifth grade, Pedometer in a Shoe, Engineering
  • Ainsley Schwerdtfeger-Jones, Miller Elementary, third grade, How Freezing Affects Different Types of Rocks, Earth
  • Jaswardhan Sharma, Weatherford Elementary, first grade, Plant Watering Signal, Life
  • Amrita Shyam, Skaggs Elementary, fifth grade, A Biodegradable Boom, Physical
  • Jack Wright, Hedgcoxe Elementary, third grade, Hea Ha Maa Cluck - A Test to See Which Fertilizer is Best? Life

Third Place

  • Neal Acharya, Bethany Elementary, fourth grade, Let the Sun Heat Your Water for Free, Engineering
  • Ellen A. Anis, Rice Middle School, sixth grade, Electricity Produced from a Natural Voltage Cell, Physical
  • Owen Baggett and Landon Riggs, Frankford Middle School, sixth grade, False Advertising for Solar Panels, Earth
  • Diya Jain, Brinker Elementary, third grade, Keeping Strawberries Fresh, Life
  • Sarah Johnson, Hughston Elementary, fourth grade, Cold Coats, Physical
  • Rishi Kalyandurg, Brinker Elementary, fifth grade, May the Electrolytes Be with You, Life
  • Armaan Newaskar, Daffron Elementary, third grade, Solar Powered Machines, Engineering
  • Peyton Presley, Beverly Elementary, fifth grade, Spin 'Em Up, Physical
  • Vybhavi (Neela) Raman, Murphy Middle School Middle School, sixth grade, What's in Your Filter? Physical
  • Ishveer Randhawa, Hunt Elementary, third grade, Hot Lunch Ready to Munch, Physical
  • Mikail Rizvi, Hunt Elementary, fifth grade, Bus Alert, Engineering
  • Rida Salim, Rice Middle School, sixth grade, The Effect of Different Substances on Growth of Paperwhite Bulbs, Life

Honorable Mention

  • Shlok Chaubey, Aldridge Elementary, third grade, Blow, Blow, Blow the Wind, Engineering
  • Cayley Curotolo and Sarah Raishe, Hedgcoxe Elementary, fourth grade, Safety First - Not Fashion, Physical
  • Ella Ebrahimi, Haggar Elementary, third grade, Can Colored Water Change the Color of a Flower? Life
  • Teagan Forrest, Aldridge Elementary, fourth grade, Solar Greenhouse, Earth
  • Sulaiman Ilyas, Skaggs Elementary, third grade, Does It Really Cool Me Off, Physical
  • Pranav Joshi, Renner Middle School, sixth grade, Roomba, Engineering
  • Tara Kamalakantha, Robinson Middle School, sixth grade, Ugh! Let Me Sleep, Physical
  • Isabella Krumwiede, Thomas Elementary, second grade, What Cup Holds the Coldest Water Longest? Physical
  • Anmol Murickananickal, Sigler Elementary, fifth grade, How Fast Can You Cram Numbers, Shapes and Words? Life
  • Armaan Newaskar, Daffron Elementary, third grade, Solar Powered Machines, Engineering
  • Alexis Novick and Juliet Rodriguez, Mitchell Elementary, fifth grade, The Green Effect, Life
  • Siri Peddinti, Schell Elementary, fifth grade, Dress for the Weather Using Rasberry Pi, Engineering
  • Abby Reichenstein, Hightower Elementary, fifth grade, Downhill Derby, Physical
  • Nawal Siddiqui, Renner Middle School, sixth grade, Wall of Water, Earth
  • Leo Truitt, Saigling Elementary, fourth grade, Return of the Lego Racers, Engineering