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Feb. 27, 2018 - Dallas Area Regional History Day Competition


The Dallas Area Regional History Day Competition comprised of six area public school districts and two private schools was held at Adamson High School in Dallas ISD on Saturday, February 17.  Students competed individually or in groups in one of five categories – documentary, website, historical paper, exhibit or performance.  The theme of this year’s competition is "Conflict and Compromise in History." Students who finished in first and second places will advance to the Texas History Day Contest at the University of Texas at Austin and the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum on April 28. 

First Place Group

  • Sujith Baktha, Aniq Chunara, Aaron Felix, Neil Jayarajan and Tarun Yeddula; Plano East Senior High School; Mandela and Tambo; Group Performance
  • Adhya Beesam, Shriya Beesam, Rakesh Kathiresan and Thomas Truong; Plano East Senior High School; Negotiations on a Bridge; Group Documentary
  • Suzie Chang, Ruth Franklin, Israa Mustafa, Alvin Ta and Shiva Teerdhala; Plano East Senior High School; A Diamond is Forever; Group Exhibit
  • Niyati Ram and Shobana Rav; Otto Middle School; The Rising Dream-Women’s Voting Rights; Group Performance

Tanaz Muhamed Otto MS with medal

Tanaz Muhamed, Otto Middle School.

First Place Individual

  • Vibha Chemangunta; Otto Middle School; The Dawn of the ERA is NOW: Women's Suffrage in the 70's; Individual Documentary
  • Anjali Gonuguntla; Plano East Senior High School; Strife in the Land of Snow; Individual Documentary
  • Mohit Gupta; Plano East Senior High School; The Knickerbocker Crisis; Historical Paper    
  • Halle Miller; Plano East Senior High School; The Negro Soldier; Individual Exhibit
  • Tanaz Muhamed; Otto Middle School; The Forgotten War-The Enduring Conflict in in the Korean Peninsula; Historical Paper
  • Natasha Raman; Plano East Senior High School; To The Skies and Beyond; Individual Performance
  • Anchita Raybarman; Plano East Senior High School; Covering the Holocaust; Individual Website

Second Place Group

  • Vennela Challagondla and Johanna Soleil; Plano East Senior High School; Developing Paradise; Group Exhibit
  • Shrey Joshi and Arjun Raghuram;  Otto Middle School; Horror Takes a Holiday: The WWI Christmas Truce of 1914; Group Website
  • Atulya Palacharla, Hari Srinivasan and Sridatta Teerdhala; Plano East Senior High School; The Invasion of Grenada; Group Documentary

Second Place Individual

  • Jason D’Souza; Plano East Senior High School; The Munich Agreement; Individual Performance
  • Clint Wang; Otto Middle School; Trading Tensions-The First Opium War and it’s Resolutions; Historical Paper

Third Place Individual

  • Otto Beall; Otto Middle School; The Yugoslavian Wars, Causes and Legacy; Individual Documentary

The sponsors are Joe Russell from Plano East Senior High School and Elizabeth Miller from Otto Middle School.