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Feb. 27, 2018 - 67 Student Artworks Advance to State Visual Arts Scholastic Event (VASE)


At the Region 10 Visual Arts Scholastic Event (VASE) held in February, Plano ISD student works of art competed with a total of 2,297 regional entries. 555 works by Plano ISD students received a superior rating of IV - the mark of a superior, exemplary, work of art. A total of 67 pieces by Plano ISD students will be advancing to the State VASE on April 27-28 in San Marcos, Texas.

The Texas Art Education Association (TAEA) has sponsored VASE since 1994. VASE is the only art event of its kind in the nation. Students are provided the opportunity to bring artwork created in their art classes to a regional event where they are interviewed by certified, professional TAEA jurors. 

The state VASE is intended to provide a forum for art teachers and students to meet and to grow artistically. All of the entries are exhibited and open for viewing after the jury process has been completed. This provides opportunities for students to view the works of other student artists.

Congratulations to the following students whose artwork has advanced to the state competition. View photo gallery.

Academy High School

  • Brianna T. Huynh, Beauty, teacher: Linda Aponte 

Clark High School

  • Aditi Buch, Still Life on Wooden Background, teacher: Daren Causey
  • Allyson Vasquez, Minimalist Watercolor Portrait, teacher: Katherine Pinkham
  • Connie Xu, Girl on Bicycle with Dog, teacher: Daren Causey

Aditi Buch, Clark HS, Still life on Wooden Background

Division 1 (first year art student) artwork by Aditi Buch, Clark High School, Still Life on Wooden Background.

Jasper High School

  • Abhitha Batikeri, Dance Bells in Acrylic, teacher: Adriane Anderson
  • Doreen Chen, The Cowherd and the Weaver Girl, teacher: Adriane Anderson
  • Yayi Ding, The Jeweler, teacher: Adriane Anderson
  • Julia Feng, Self Portrait Showing Frustration, teacher: Adriane Anderson
  • Jennifer Huang, Fresh Produce, teacher: Sara Stevens
  • Katie LauBoat on Water, teacher: Sara Stevens
  • Tisha Nakakes-NguyenBlue River through Rocks, teacher: Adriane Anderson
  • Caroline PastranoLayers of Cake, teacher: Sara Stevens
  • Joyce QinThe Forest from the Trees, teacher: Adriane Anderson
  • Emily RenSushi, teacher: Adriane Anderson
  • Saamya SekhriIguana!, teacher: Adriane Anderson
  • Jennifer SuMacaroons, teacher: Adriane Anderson
  • Jennifer SuSaxophone, teacher: Adriane Anderson
  • Varsha SudeepA Koi Story, teacher: Sara Stevens
  • Princeton TranAmerican Leisure, teacher: Adriane Anderson
  • Princeton TranThe Fuzz, teacher: Adriane Anderson
  • Yingjie Wang,  Curious Bird, teacher: Adriane Anderson
  • Shirley ZhouSt. Paul's United Methodist Church, teacher: Adriane Anderson
  • Michelle ZhuFish on Ice, teacher: Adriane Anderson

McMillen High School

  • Chloe Chan, Wired Figured in Double Stag Pose, teacher: Patrick France
  • Tiffany Hoang, Escape (collage), teacher: Adriana Martinez-Mendoza
  • Chloe Quinn, Geometric Biped Robot View in Vr, teacher: Patrick France
  • Sydney Trieu, Bull Skull Watercolor, teacher: Adriana Martinez-Mendoza
  • Sophia Xu, Under My Umbrella, teacher: Adriana Martinez-Mendoza

Plano East Senior High School

  • Zach Chapman, Interactive Ledges, teacher: Colin McGrane
  • Prachi Dalal, Red Sox Player, teacher: Ashley Bruegel
  • Anuhya Kotta, Girl Painting Face, teacher: Andrea Weide
  • Andrew Lin, Wander, teacher: Ashley Bruegel
  • Luke Miller, Baobab Tree, teacher: Colin McGrane
  • Luke Miller, Transparent Victory, teacher: Colin McGrane
  • Peyton Mitchell, Lion, teacher: Colin McGrane
  • Angie Ngo, Green with Envy, teacher: Andrea Weide
  • Rachael Pham;Rock, Scissors, Paper; teacher: Colin McGrane
  • Abha Rathi, Dual Self, teacher: Andrea Weide
  • Emma Trussell, Broken Skeleton, teacher: Ashley Bruegel
  • Rebecca Yohannes, Duplicate, teacher: Ashley Bruegel
  • Kaitlyn Yuan, Self Portrait with Haunted House, teacher: Andrea Weide

Plano Senior High School

  • Xinyu Ai, Digital Woman with Winged Hair, teacher: Andrew Serie
  • Caroline Blanton, Portrait  with Deconstructed Background, teacher: Allison Garrison
  • Christopher Brock, Horse Hair Fire Vase - Brown in Color, teacher: Andrew Serie
  • Gabrielle Domke, Portrait with Thermal Colors, teacher: Andrew Serie

Christopher Brock, PSHS Vase.

Division 4 (AP art) artwork by Christopher Brock, Plano Senior High School, Horse Hair Fire Vase - Brown in Color

Plano West Senior High School

  • Kaitlyn Alldredge, Shirtless Man Holding Up Hand, teacher: Ted Kincaid
  • Khyathi Gowkanapalli, Push-up in the Spotlight, teacher: Ted Kincaid
  • Anusri Gunde, Boy with Hands in his Hair, teacher: Ted Kincaid
  • Jacqueline Hawley, Girl with Hand on Face, teacher: Ted Kincaid
  • Kendra Huang, Human Resting on Dog, teacher: Ted Kincaid
  • Nathan Kwan, Brushpen Asian Cityscape, teacher: Sarah Depetris
  • Elle Misencik, Elle (self-portrait), teacher: Douglas Darracott
  • Pavithra Saravanan, Self Portrait with Hand on Chin, teacher: Ted Kincaid
  • Frances Wu, The House, teacher: Ted Kincaid
  • Ivy Wu, Old Man Holding Head in White, teacher: Sarah Depetris
  • Jiayi Zhu, Copper Plate Etching of Manhattan, teacher: Sarah Depetris

Shepton High School

  • Stephanie Chen, Large Vessels with Flowers, teacher: Melissa Pierce
  • Jane Lee, Embroidered Stressed Out Girl, teacher: Melissa Pierce
  • Krista McLeod, Stitched Watercolor with Ink Drawings, teacher: Melissa Pierce
  • Jessica Ouyang, Girl with Butterflies and Glass, teacher: Melissa Pierce
  • Jose Rodriguez, Magic Lamp Teapot with Cups, teacher: Kimberly Paser
  • Yumi Tateno, Girl in Water with Fish, teacher: Melissa Pierce
  • Minha Virk, Girl with a Rainy View, teacher: Melissa Pierce
  • Parto Zarei Kordi, Girl in Dust with Birds, teacher: Melissa Pierce
  • Regina Zhou, Color Blocked Portrait of Girl, teacher: Melissa Pierce

Jane Lee, Shepton HS, Division 2 Embroidered Stressed Out Girl

Division 2 (second year art student) artwork by Jane Lee, Shepton High School, Embroidered Stressed Out Girl

Vines High School

  • Emilee Row, The Saints, teacher: Ransom White

Williams High School

  • Byeolha Seo, Father with Pattern Shirt, teacher: Emily Garner